The adventure begins on February 4 for Vorey’s first film club

The first screening, Friday February 4, of the brand new film club run by the La Barque association in Vorey-sur-Arzon is a tribute to Bertrand Tavernier.

The screenings take place in the large hall of the Embarcadère. The screenings are accompanied by snacks conducive to discussions around the screenings.

“Light! The Adventure Begins”

The device begins Friday, February 4 with an evening dedicated to Bertrand Tavernier. See you at 6:30 p.m. for the broadcast of a documentary produced by Bertrand Tavernier “Light! The adventure begins” directed by Thierry Frémaux. Released in 2016, it is the fruit of the editing of 108 films shot by Auguste and Louis Lumière. A real treat. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

At 8 p.m., a break with a snack.

“In the Electric Mist”

We continue at 9 p.m. with a fiction by Bertrand Tavernier “In the electric mist” released in 2009.

In New Iberia, Louisiana, a 19-year-old prostitute is found dead and mutilated. This is the latest victim of a serial killer who preys on very young women. Inspector Dave Robicheaux in charge of the investigation suspects Julie “Baby Feet” Balboni, a figure in the local mafia. At the same time, he arrested for drunken driving Elrod Sykes, a Hollywood star who came to Louisiana to shoot a film and one of whose producers was none other than Julie Balboni. The actor tells him that he discovered human bones in the bayou of the Atchafalaya delta. This discovery brings back memories of the past in Dave: thirty-five years earlier, he witnessed the murder of a black man in this place.

Practical information

Book seats by email at (for a good organization for the preparation of the snack).

5 euros per film

5 euros per snack

12 euros the whole

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