The Marseillais: A former candidate looks back on his adventure and balances on an unaired sequence

The Marseillais in Mexico

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A former Marseillais candidate made a revelation about his adventure. We tell you everything here.

Being a new candidate in the family of Marseilles isn’t always easy… You have to quickly find a place for yourself in this group that has known each other for several years. And rare are the candidates who manage to last over time. The latest person to have succeeded in becoming an integral part of the family of Marseilles, it is Himer Ocean. Since his participation in Marseilles in the Caribbean, she was in the cast of all the adventures that followed. Which is not the case for everyone… Like for example Sandro who also spoke about his adventure in The Marseillais in Dubai with Sam Zirah.

Sandro — Credit(s): W9

“I’m going to explain to you what happened at a party, since no one saw it. So we’re having the second party at the villa. And there, I have this thing that takes me (.. .) A blockage. I was oppressed, I couldn’t take it anymore (…) I wonder why I’m here and it doesn’t work (…) I didn’t have a chance on the line of There are only girls in couple or almost in couple (…) The feeling with Océane and Marine, I had it, but it was friendly (…) When I am in the room , there is Thibault who arrives with the production team and I tell him that it is hard. They are all integrated and have known each other for years. He understands me. Thibault, he is like a big brother “, first explained Sandro.

Sandro surrenders to the Marseillais

The young man then confides: “I’m asking for a meeting (…) I’m starting to cry (…) There, I’m giving myself up. I’m telling them the truth. That a year ago, I was watching Les Marseillais aux Caraïbes and 9 months afterwards, I’m with them. It was a shock. I had the backlash on the set. There were too many emotions. I talked about my life and what I went through. I wanted that they understand that I was their little brother and that I was not bad (…) Perhaps there was mistrust towards me (…) I can understand that after 10 years, you want your place in the program (…) On a shoot, there are things that show and others not (…) It’s the game (…) We don’t can pass all the moments, I can understand it (…) When I stop talking, they all take me in their arms. It was to tell me that I was family”. Despite everything, Sandro will leave the filming of Marseilles in Dubai along the way…

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