The Marseillais in Mexico: the broadcast date finally revealed!

Marseille fans are likely to be thrilled. And for good reason, the broadcast date of the new season is finally revealed.

It’s no secret, the next season of the Marseillais is about to land on W9. But what is the release date? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The Marseillais: the candidates make revelations

On the Web, the candidates of the Marseillais do not hesitate to speak up. Private life, filming, love or even family, nothing is too intimate for their loyal fans.

Indeed, the Marseillais never have their language in their loved one. So when they think something, they say it. Moreover, their enemies better watch out. Ouch!

But lately, the stars of W9 are doing dThe revelations about the last shoot. And for good reason, it seems that this adventure in Mexico was not the calmest. The episodes promise to be rich in twists and turns.

Moreover, if there is indeed a candidate from Marseille who often speaks on this subject, it’s Maeva Ghennam. Indeed, the young woman has experienced a very intense filming and still seems on her little cloud. So cute !

As a reminder, Maeva Ghennam reunited with Greg Yega on set. The two lovebirds have therefore decided to offer themselves a new chance. And since then, they live the perfect love.

Moreover, viewers will be able to witness these reconciliations on their screen. But what is the broadcast date of this new season Marseillais? MCE TV tells you more!

The Marseillais in Mexico: the broadcast date finally revealed!

What is the release date?

Every year, the Marseillais land on W9 and cause a sensation. 2022 is therefore no exception to the rule and the new season is about to arrive on W9. To the delight of viewers therefore.

Moreover, this new adventure promises to be really rich in twists and turns. The production of the Marseillais left nothing to chance and really tries to please the fans of the program. It is therefore towards Tulum that the candidates flew away.

Heart side, there will be action. While Maeva Ghenamm and Greg Yega are giving themselves a new chance, Benjamin Samat is stepping up a gear. Something to delight fans of the couple.

And for good reason, the handsome brunette is going to propose to Maddy in marriage. The two lovebirds will therefore leave the adventure funded. Lovers of romance then risk being in heaven in front of the episodes.

But that’s not all. This year, the production decided to put the small dishes in the big ones. Indeed, the latter will trap the candidates. Actors will pretend to be new to the adventure. But don’t panic, the real candidates will eventually arrive.

In short, this season promises to be explosive and Marseille fans are impatient to discover the episodes. But what is the broadcast date of the program? On his Instagram account, ShayaraTV gave the info.

Indeed, the new season of the Marseillais will arrive on February 21 on W9. And for good reason, the Prince of Love season is still broadcast on the channel. So it must first end.

The people of Marseilles have not finished being noticed. The episodes are then likely to astonish the viewers. To be continued.

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