Two Lévis residents live the Star Académie adventure

Jérémy Plante and Olivia Sirois-Bruneau from Lévis won over the teaching staff and they will have the chance to perform to earn their place as academicians in the 2022 edition of Star Académie.

This year, the director of the academy, Lara Fabian, will be accompanied by professors Grégory Charles and Guylaine Tremblay. The show will also be hosted by Marc Dupré.

It was on January 10 that Jérémy Plante broke the ice by performing the song life is a highway by Tom Cochrane on the first night of the final auditions. After the judges mentioned to him that he had “a lot of confidence, clearly a lot of experience, a lot of ability as a musician and as a singer”, they announced to him that he would participate in the first variety show.

“What really impressed me about you is your pleasure and joy in making music. Then, you are able to share this passion with people. We saw it, we saw their reaction,” began Guylaine Tremblay, followed by Lara Fabian. “It turns us on and I would even tell you that it’s during the first variety show that you’re going to turn us on a little more.”

It is not without surprise and without tears that the young Lévisien welcomed the news in the company of his family. “I had tears in my eyes. I couldn’t believe I got the chance to relive an experience like this.” Indeed, the singer-songwriter also took part in another musical reality show when he was a young teenager, namely Mixmania 2.

Although he is confident of his performances, he is unsure if his proposal is the one the judges will be looking for to build their group this year. “There is a lot of talent. If my adventure ends there, I will be happy to have learned what I learned, “he mentioned in an interview with the Journal.

As for Olivia Sirois-Bruneau, she made her final audition on January 12, performing the song 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. After her performance, Gregory Charles first mentioned that he was unsure of her candidacy before Lara Fabian told him that she could be part of the first variety. “Maybe you were nervous. Maybe something inside you just before the performance just wished you were already after the performance. Would you agree to transcend your anxieties and then come and chill with us at the first variety show? Because we would like that, ”the director told him.

“I hope to have my chance because I would really like to be able to continue to enrich my knowledge. Right now I am growing a lot from that experience. Then I can’t imagine if I had the chance to be able to continue, to see where it could take me, so I’m crossing my fingers, ”explained the candidate in the running for the academy.

Who are they?

At 24, Jérémy Plante has already won several competitions, composed songs and created groups including Mc12, Les Mecs and the Blue Ridge Band. This last group will also release an album when the young Lévisien returns from the academy. Moreover, coming from a family that is passionate about music, he decided to push this aspect further by deciding to study music, teach it and even create musical events.

Olivia Sirois-Bruneau, meanwhile, has loved singing since she was little. Now 28 years old, she developed this passion more seriously and only around the age of 16. When he was younger, his parents had to stick their ears to the doors to manage to hear him push a few notes. Despite the embarrassment she says has dissipated over the years, she “always sang and danced everywhere, all the time.” She did her college and university studies in music.

The start of the adventure postponed

As with other events planned over the past two years, COVID-19 has come to play spoilsport on the set of Star Academy. In the past few days, four candidates have tested positive for COVID-19.

Because of this early outbreak, the production team of Star Academy decided to place all candidates in administrative isolation. In addition, she postponed for a week the live presentation of the first variety on the airwaves of TVA, which was to take place on January 16. Thus, Jérémy Plante and Olivia Sirois-Bruneau will not know until January 23 if they will be able to enter the academy, since it is during the first variety that the Academicians of the 2022 grind will be selected.

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