Uncle Scott’s is looking for its future candidates throughout France

Network of restaurants with American dishes and country concept, At Uncle Scott’s today there are more than 20 restaurants in France. The brand intends to continue the adventure by recruiting new members in 2022.

Uncle Scott’s is recruiting

What could be better in this new year than to create a restaurant with an American-country atmosphere and live an exceptional human adventure! Relying on more than 20 years of know-how and more than 20 restaurants in France, Oncle Scott’s seduces its customers with its success story, its Franco-American cuisine and its typically made in USA atmosphere.

This year, the network is continuing its expansion and still offers a plurality of opportunities for setting up throughout France.

Uncle Scott’s is mainly looking for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from the USA! With or without catering experience, candidates must be dynamic people, driven by a sense of management and business, capable of managing one or more establishments.

For anyone who wants to transform their restaurant and give it a second wind, this really is the best opportunity! Oncle Scott’s supports its members to develop a new adventure together!

Sharing, exchange, friendship and high potential for profitability are the key words of Oncle Scott’s!

Uncle Scott’s Benefits

  • A human adventure with 20 years of experience,
  • A unique restaurant with an atypical decoration on the theme of the American West,
  • Franco-American cuisine,
  • An exceptional customer experience,
  • An initial training of 2 weeks,
  • Assistance throughout the contract and according to the needs of the licensee,
  • A significant return on investment.

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