All in Beijing: the original adventure to discover different sports at school

The route is long. 9,000 km. Cross France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia to reach China. All without ever leaving school.

Since January 5, 29 Nivernaise classes have taken part in the “All in Beijing” project. An operation organized by the Sports Union of the first degree of education of Nièvre (Usep 58) to compensate for the cancellation of the sports meetings planned between January and February. “We still wanted to offer schools a sports project for those weeks,” explains Elie Odouard, Usep Nièvre departmental delegate.

Progress on a virtual map

Each registered class carries out sports and cultural activities around the Olympic and Paralympic theme. Activities save miles. The goal? Rally, on a virtual map, Beijing before the start of the Winter Olympics on Friday February 4.

Biathlon, running, throwing, jumping, run and bike, recreational challenges, hopscotch, quizzes on the values ​​of Olympism, debates… Teachers are free to choose the activities they offer their students, from a catalog made available to them. provided by Usep 58. “I accompany classes in schools that request it, but most workshops can be done without equipment,” says Elie Odouard. And to add: “There are also times for reflection. Teachers show children videos of Paralympic athletes. It allows you to have discussions on disability, to discover the sports practices of people with disabilities. »

Added to this initiative is a solidarity dimension. The establishment of a collection of sports equipment at school, for the benefit of popular relief, earns 1,000 points. The classes communicate as and when the number of activities practiced. The departmental delegate Usep Nièvre is then responsible for advancing the class markers on the world map. Tuesday, January 18, the students of CEI-CE2 of Saint-Benin-des-Bois had already traveled 6,000 km. At the head of the peloton, they crossed the Chinese border.

At the end of the operation, all participating classes will be rewarded. “We are not developing the competitive aspect. There is no ranking. The idea is that they each move forward at their own pace,” emphasizes Elie Odouard. Diplomas will be sent for the class, and to each child.

Elisa Zejm

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