Dylan and Haneia leave together happy from the adventure –

For Princess Haneia, there were suitors, Thibault, Marin, Saïd, Josh, Dylan, but in the end only one prince was able to delight her. Even if the young lady is well known for being indecisive, in the end, it is with him, Dylan, that she chose to leave.

Said’s departure puts Dylan in pole position for Haneia’s heart

Throughout the adventure, it must be admitted, Dylan was not the preferential choice ofHaneia. In fact, it was very close to Noted, but failed to maintain a good relationship with him. Long tossed about in the indecisions of the beautiful blonde, Saïd found himself in the through when she had chosen Marin at first. All in tears, she then changed her mind for fear of making the wrong choice and kept Saïd, apologizing to Marine.

An impromptu event will spoil this relationship with the confidence nascent, because Haneia will find a way to slip away with her ex Illan to kiss him. In Saïd’s eyes, she had betrayed the promise that she made him open up more and not make any more mistakes, because he would go away. Saïd therefore left the adventure after this incident. Dylan as for him stayed and camped his beauty, gaining more and more points in his eyes thanks to his personality.

Dylan and Haneia’s fight over Josh

While a notable rapprochement was being refined between Dylan and Haneia, during a brunch, they will encounter of a new suitor, guitar in hand, named Josh. His singing talents and his good-looking look very quickly seduced the princess who fell in love with him, leaving Dylan behind.

Dylan sensing the threat will inform his new adversary of the kiss which he exchanged with Haneia the day before, with the idea of ​​stopping him in any momentum. To his surprise Haneia blamed him in front of everyone like an allergic reaction, telling him that the smack:

It was just to break the ice.

Haneia makes a choice between Dylan and Josh

Josh multiplied the little attentions towards Haneia, even writing her a song Princess Haneia » which he staged in Romeo and Juliet. During these moments, Haneia completely forsook Dylan, but their bond proved to be stronger. When is the time for her to go face the real world, she chose Dylan and not Josh.

She then declared that she did not wish to have someone close to her. perfect, but someone who can Support and with whom she can be herself. The last word therefore fell to Dylan, Haneia anguished waiting for her decision said to himself:

I’m afraid of picking up a rake, it’s the horror! Imagine if he doesn’t want to leave with you.

Fortunately more fear than harm, because Dylan has indeed accepted, and with the to smile, to continue the reconciliation with Haneia.

So the couple can better learn from each other away from the cameras, all the harm we wish them is to be happy together.

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