Tender and rare: one-on-one with Christopher Thompson

How did you direct Géraldine Pailhas, lead actress in the film and your partner in life?

She wears the film. She’s an extraordinary actress, a real actress of comedy. We have a common taste for this genre and romantic comedy allows for strong female roles. Voluntary, energetic, who take the place, even if it is not given to them. Women who speak very quickly, who impose and who at the same time have their vulnerability. Géraldine is a valuable collaborator because she is incredibly committed. She is never comfortable, incredibly alive, reactive to the slightest vibration of a shot.

Tender and rare

Cape Town Films – MM Films

You are an actor, screenwriter, director. Do you like to embrace all facets of cinema?

I love exploring professions. And the cinema offers all these possibilities. Exploring universes, projecting oneself, being in empathy. Cinema is also a very traditional profession, involving teams, cohesion, which evolves with others. Making a film is an adventure. It’s often years in a lifetime and that’s what makes its value and its magic.

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