The appeal of the open sea and adventure

Nissan’s Christian Asperges, 87, was born in Sauvian. This daredevil who has always wanted to surpass himself, has, throughout his life, launched the wildest challenges as each other. The former rugby player who evolved in Pézenas and the US Nissan as captain-coach, started from the principle “it is better to succeed in life than to succeed in life”.

When his father, whom he loved, died prematurely, he left everything to go to sea at the age of 26. It was the beginning of a life that would last 45 years, marked by the salt water of all the seas. and oceans of the globe. At 87 years old in his laughing eyes, Christian still displays the freshness of those who have chosen to live several lives at the same time. As a young man, on his first cabotage boat, he said to himself: “I have to discover what is further away”. With his first sailboat, he will sail mainly in the Mediterranean. After building his second sailboat, he won regattas and learned to sail. From his third hull, which he completely fitted out, he chartered in the Mediterranean. In 1975, he made his first crossing of the Atlantic with a sextant, without knowing how to use it, to go charter in Martinique.

Christian Asperges was, in turn, a marine carpenter, an extreme diver, a diving instructor, a coral fisherman, an inventor of wrecks, a shipwrecked rescuer… going from the sea to the sky by becoming a paraglider pilot. His first world tour will last six years. New Zealand, Papua, Bali (where he escaped a pirate attack), Red Sea, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Suez Canal…

Christian Asperges lets himself be carried by the winds. At the helm of a sailboat, he has crossed the Atlantic Ocean 30 times. In 2000, he again yielded to the call of the open sea and set off on his honeymoon for his second round the world. At 87, Christian has lived a thousand lives which he has recorded in the two books he has written.

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