The Princes and Princesses of Love: Illan makes revelations about Isabeau’s departure!

The Princes and Princesses of Love program is a must on the W9 channel. At this time, fans can follow the search for love of several reality show candidates, including Illan and Isabeau. Indeed, these last two have now left the adventure, and in a remarkable way! If everyone was there to find love on their side, viewers are not fooled and know well that they were already in a relationship together outside. Further proof, Illan’s marriage proposal! According to some bloggers, the scene was arranged during editing so that we can clearly see Isabeau throwing the ring… And apparently, this is not the one and only time the production got involved in the adventure! Illan was live yesterday with contender Kayla and he made a big reveal about Isabeau’s departure. It can be found below…

Illan balances on the departure of Isabeau

After revealing his feelings in the middle of an adventure and in such a spectacular way, Illan found himself faced with a choice; Because this year, the agency is intractable with those who cheat in love! He therefore found himself faced with three solutions: leaving alone for the adventure, leaving with Isabeau, or remaining alone on the show and having Isabeau leave. And the young man surprised more than one with his final choice! He has indeed decided to stay and eliminate Isabeau…

Isabeau leaves the very sad adventure Credit W9

In a live Instagram with Kayla, a suitor of Nathan, Illan reveals that he would have liked to do otherwise. In other words, the production of the show would have forced him to leave Isabeau! What he doesn’t say is why he would have been forced to make that choice. This did not prevent them from (re)partnering at the end of the adventure! But what seems certain now is that Isabelle will never give another chance to his ex Illan!

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