Ugo, the Catalan hero of Koh Lanta The Legend, looks back on his adventure at the microphone of 100%

He was defeated at the gates of the final duel, but will remain the big winner of Koh Lanta “The legend” for many French people. Ugo is the “survivor” of the show this year. This animal manager at the EcoZonia park in Cases-de-Pène, who had already won the 2012 edition of Koh Lanta, returned for this last season All Stars” under the influence “a little midlife crisis”.

Eager to prove more things to himself, Ugo was unfortunately eliminated from the first board. Except that this year, there was the possibility of returning to the show by winning a series of events on the island of the banished. An almost impossible feat, but not for Ugo. The Catalan managed to climb to the last step of the podium, despite a second elimination. After winning the orientation test, Ugo will finally stop at the mythical posts, his comrade Laurent not having chosen him.

Disappointment, pride?

A few weeks after the broadcast of Koh Lanta, Ugo confided in his adventure in our 100% Radio studios in Perpignan. Still under contract with the production of the show, he did not return to the various cheating controversies which were the subject of this season. Ugo is not concerned anyway. If all the Catalans and many French people have proclaimed their disappointment on social networks after his departure in the final, is he himself disappointed or frustrated?

“Frustration, not necessarily. Disappointment yes, because I would have liked to win the posts. But I believe that the course is worth more than the objective. And when I look at everything that happened, I am at peace”, Ugo replies, proud all the same of his journey, both chaotic and exceptional. “I stayed on the wire from start to finish, I surfed with my limits. I was on the verge of going out each time, I had my flame extinguished twice what… so it’s quite a mind-blowing course. I say to myself “man, what did you really do!””

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