“Marianne’s quest”: on an adventure with Myriam Plante

The Victoriavilloise Myriam Plante has just launched, on her own account, her 13th book. Entitled “Marianne’s quest”, the novel follows a mini-collection of six books which will have allowed, beforehand, to get to know the characters found there.

An original way of doing things that allows, even before reading the novel, to soak up the different characters that we can discover there. In this book of about 400 pages, the author has set the story in a world that resembles ours, with a touch of the supernatural.

Marianne is this young girl who lives in a peaceful village, at the edge of the water. His only goal is to take care of his little sister who does not speak. One morning, an old sailboat, which seems to come from another era, runs aground near the village, arousing curiosity. The same evening, the boat disappears and Marianne too. It will be her first trip to sea, but also a journey in herself, therefore a quest for identity. “As what happens to her, Marianne will discover a happier reason to be,” announces Myriam.

The cover of the book, already, piques curiosity. Indeed, we see (it’s an illustration made by the author) a boat, but on the side. Asked about this, Myriam explains that it is a deliberate choice and that you have to read the book to understand its purpose. So to the adventure aspect of the book, we can add the fantastic and even a bit of thriller.

A novel that tells, in a single volume, the whole story of Marianne. But the author does not rule out staying in this universe that she seems to appreciate, for a future book. Besides, she always has plenty of topics in mind that she wants to write about. “Perhaps it will be the story of the characters on the mysterious boat,” she announces.

In the meantime, you can get “La Quest de Marianne” on Amazon, on the website myriamplante.com or in physical copy at Buropro in Victoriaville.

It’s been a few years since Myriam started writing on her own. She does all the writing and editing steps herself. “The one where I always have the most difficulty is marketing,” she confides. Other than that, she’s pretty good.

It must be said that today, the self-publishing offer is quite large, in addition to that of all the publishing houses. To add to this, the fact that book fairs are on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic makes promotion even more difficult. For Myriam, therefore, it is not easy to break even, but she continues to write and publish out of conviction. “If I stop, it’s sure it won’t go any further,” she says.

Anyway, writing is indispensable for her, whether it is read or not. In addition to this new novel, Myriam announces that she is currently working on a 7th book in her mini-collection. This time, she will tell the story of Regor, a character from her previously published dragon series.

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