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Last year, Alex made himself known by entering the adventure as Beverly’s suitor. This time he returns under the label of prince, all joyful, happier, more fulfilled, more festive and twice as joking.

The arrival of Alex in the adventure in Marseille

Once arrived at Marseilles, the participants sat at a Terrace, they continued to discuss, to plan how to benefit from the city. Moments later, a car parked and alexander came out of it. Anthony its old Who ran to jump into his arms. Alex said :

I put on the crown, I sit on the throne, I return as a prince.

Alex got a round of applause. He arrived with a desire, to put the Pin up and give a boost to the adventure. So he did not hesitate to give himself show. Shortly afterwards he specified that he wanted to find love, which he wants to alchemy, from passion and find someone who matches him. Basically he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want.

The euphoria released by Alex

Very happy to be back in the adventure, Alex embarked on a delirium, he played a whole personage and took his shoe like a phone. Then he did his show, he climbed on a chair to get an overview as he said. Tristan thought that a mega sunbeam joined them saw the punch that he released. For him it looked like a animator television, a microphone in his hand giving a presentation. Lena was blown away like most.

Only everyone will share their euphoria and joy outside of Hinatea. Anthony being the prince of Hinatea wonders, he wants to know if something happened between the two. Indeed Hinatea was Alex’s girlfriend two or three months ago, but they separated. She is upset, because Alex told her that he was not ready to settle down and there she finds him in the adventure where he comes to seek love.

Leana’s reaction

Although the majority laughed at the jokes from Alex, Thin had a different apprehension when she saw him. She was enough surprise and said:

A dressed penguin, dressed in a suit, in a little bow tie, who is this madman who comes in a bow tie!

She is the first noticed the faintness between Hinatea and Alex. It will alert other participants that there may have been a pass between the two. She asked Alex about the details about his relationship with Hinatea, especially about the time spent together. They finished chatting and they welcomed Naca. All together, they got on a bus, there was music and an atmosphere like the arrival of Alex. It was a blast for everyone except Léana, for her it was too tight and she didn’t want to vomit in front of her suitors.

Alex is waiting to find out who his suitors will be, he is very excited at the idea of ​​meeting them.

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