Clara Fortin, elected “Personality of the Year” 2021 by La Presse de la Manche!

At 26, Clara Fortin has participated in several major offshore races in 2021. Even at sea, the highest waves, blown by the wind of destiny, can be overcome.
At 26, Clara Fortin has participated in several major offshore races in 2021. Even at sea, the highest waves, blown by the wind of destiny, can be overcome. (©La Presse de la Manche)

Keeping dreams in mind, with the rigor of a sailor who, at night, keeps his eyes riveted on the stars. And then, day after day, month after month, devoting every hour of your life to doing everything possible to get close to it. In 2021, with Martin Louchart, his adventure companion, at sea and in life, Clara Fortin26 years, participated in the deckchair Jacques Vabre and at the Rolex Fastnet Race. The kind of races that the skipper previously followed on instagramlike many enthusiasts of his age.

Awards 2021

1. Clara Fortin: At 26, she has just completed the Transat Jacques-Vabre and has shown that illness is not necessarily a brake on dreams.
2. Charles Yvon: The director of Le Parapluie de Cherbourg was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Made In France trade show.
3. Stéphan Constance: Director of Allure Yachting, a growing company.
4. Eric Delaunay: the Saint-Lois comes close to his dream of an Olympic medal in skeet, but still leaves the Tokyo Games with a record.
5. Léa Arnoux: The 22-year-old Cherbourgeoise creates bracelets to pay tribute to dead soldiers. She received encouragement from Emmanuel Macron.
6. Liza Roullé: From the height of her 1.52 m, the Cherbourgeoise conquered the world by becoming Miss Petite Universe international, in October in Mexico.

Adventure is adventure

One day, when she was eight years old, doctor had however announced to him that she had a blood disease, rare. Clara is reached hemophilia, type B, the minor form. This hereditary disease results in an inability of the blood to clot. The kind of news that can extinguish dreams when you want to play sports. Not his. His strength of character marked the readers from The Channel Presswho have just elected him personality of the year 2021. ” It’s a great news, reacts, moved, the young woman, now licensed to Granville. It is the culmination of a very good year”.

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During his first Transat Jacques-Vabre, in 2019, Martin Louchart, his companion had promised Clara Fortin “ten minutes before the start” that they would embark together for the next edition. The promise has been kept. “We spent the first months of the year looking for sponsors to help us in this adventure,” says Clara Fortin.

It was difficult, with the Covid. We signed with the Randstad-Ausy group in June. With Martin, we are complementary. He is very good on the technical aspect, I am more in charge of the partnership aspect.

The two lovebirds also received the technical support D’ax veilthe official support of the Caen Malherbe Stadium as well as that of Thierry Dusautoirthe former captain of the XV of France, sponsor of their sailboat. Arriving 2nd this year in La Trinité – Cowes, 23rd in the Rolex Fastnet Race, Clara and Martin then lived a unique adventure for just over 24 days on the Jacques-Vabre.

When we leave for two, a little confined for more than three weeks, we know that deep down, we throw a coin in the air, underlines the young woman. It’s not always easy to work with the person you love. Finally, we did not argue once! And we come out stronger.


Through Jacques-Vabre, Clara Fortin was also able to communicate. The young woman and her companion have received official support from IFrench Association of Hemophiliacs. Even today, many believe that it only happens to boys. His journey also helped raise awareness of the disease.

Many parents came to see me, worried about whether their child could do a sport other than swimming. These moments were very important to me.

For a long time, she hoped that a career in handball, this sport she loves so much, opens up to her. A bad fall darkened hopes. And then, she began to survey the pontoons more and more. Sailing is a family passion in which she flourished. When she was little, her dad would sometimes bring the boats back after the Jacques-Vabre deckchairs. Offshore racing appealed to him. Still had to be convinced.

The organizers were not very keen on the idea of ​​having participants with pathologies. If something happens, they are responsible. She had seized a medical commission of the French Sailing Federation. The doctor replied that she had to do an internship to be able to give herself injections on her own.
Since then, she has had no problems, and holds the helm of her ship well. Of his fate, too.

Skipper Clara Fortin was voted “Personality of the Year” by La Presse de la Manche with just over 24% of the votes cast. Note that the young woman comes at the top of the two colleges of voters: journalists and readers. She is ahead of the entrepreneur Charles Yvon (20%), who leads a group of pursuers very tight in voice. Just behind, in third position is Stéphan Constance (19%). As at the Olympic Games, Eric Delaunay finished very close to the podium (18.8%). Léa Arnoux (12%) impressed readers with her bracelets, which caught Emmanuel Macron’s eye. Liza Roullé (5%), had already won the crown she expected the most: that of Miss Petite Universe international.

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