Disco Elysium Demake Art turns the game into a point & click adventure

A talented artist has recreated the detective RPG adventure Disco Elysee like an ’80s point-and-click adventure game, breaking down its main characters with pixelated graphics and referencing a comedic moment in the game. Demake projects and retro-inspired games have become hugely popular over the years , thanks in part to advances in indie game development technology. Games like FromSoftware transmitted by blood Being remade as a PS1 title for the return of 1990s first-person shooters, nostalgia for older styles of play seems to have created a new gaming trend that continues to appeal to both gamers and fans alike. developers.

Although it was launched in Early Access, Disco Elysee quickly became a cult classic and universally recognized as one of the best RPGs of the last decade. Featuring TTRPG elements and no combat in the traditional sense, the game relies on dialogue-rich gameplay and exploration mechanics, relying on players to use skill checks, dialogue trees and an open world with many choices as players control a detective who is tasked with solving a murder case but suffers from a severe case of amnesia. Following its release, Disco Elysee has received numerous awards, including four awards at The Game Awards 2019, and is currently one of the highest rated games of 2021.

Seen on Twitter, the artist Ben Chandler recreated Disco Elysee like an ’80s point-and-click adventure game, giving fans a taste of the atmosphere of the title and main characters Harrier Du Bois and Kim Kitsuragi in pixelated graphics. The fascinating artwork captures a comical in-game scene where players can interact with a mailbox using the Rhetoric skill. After triggering the interaction, players can pet or kick the mailbox, with the game comically informing players based on their decision. While looking straight out of the 80s, the style and atmosphere of the demake suits the title perfectly, as Disco Elysee can easily be compared to point-and-click games, which were very popular during the fourth generation of video game consoles and made a breakthrough around the same time.

Despite leaving early access and fully releasing in 2021 with The final cut editing, Disco Elysee continues to receive support from its developers. A new recent update called Never seen brought new content to the game. The update introduces a mysterious new case that players are tasked with solving by dissecting cryptic clues left on a social media post to fully solve its mystery. More updates are expected as the studio continues to release patches to address the title’s numerous issues and more content may be on the way in the future.

Becoming a nostalgic trend within the indie community, demakes continue to help reinvent popular titles as classics for gamers who can’t wait for the return of retro graphics. Disco Elysee is just one of many modern titles that have received a reimagining like this, and more are expected in the future as the nostalgia for retro titles continues.

Disco Elysee is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and PC.

Source: Ben Chandler/Twitter

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