It would take around 30 hours to complete the main adventure

It’s a good day for all those who wait Ring of Elden, since after years of waiting and a slight delay, the title has finally gone gold, hinting at an almost certain February release. Maybe some of you took some time off so you could enjoy the seamless experience, and Yasuhiro Kitao from FromSoftware aptly mentioned during Taipei Game Show 2022 the average lifespan ofRing of Elden.

A substantial lifespan for the program

Unsurprisingly, he then indicates thatit will take about 30 hours to see the end of the game, at least the main quest :

This will change significantly depending on the player, but in terms of what we were aiming for during development, the idea was that the main route could be completed around 30 hours. »

Few months ago, Hidetaka Miyazaki had indicated a similar duration, which means that the plans have not changed too much. That being said, Yasuhiro Kitao claims that the game as a whole is very massive, and it contains ” dozens of hours » game in addition to the main path.

He also states thatwe won’t technically be able to see 100% of the game in a single run, since there will be key points just before the end that will make the adventure branch off (with several endings, we imagine). And of course, it all depends on your pace.

Ring of Elden will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. Do not hesitate to consult our latest preview game to find out more.

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