Camille Lou (I promise you): what definitely convinced her to play in the series

End of the long wait for fans of I promise you, the tricolor adaptation of This Is Us. The series resumes its winter quarters on TF1 for a second season from January 31. Camille Lou, who plays Florence Gallo there, returned to the adventure in Cable Sat TV and revealed what had pushed her to try the adventure…

This Is Us recently started broadcasting its sixth and final season, much to the dismay of fans who since 2016 follow a box of handkerchiefs the adventures of the Pearson family. In the cult American series it is the actors Milo Ventimiglia and mandy moore who embody parents in love but very overwhelmed by their triplets.

In France it’s Camille Lou and Hugo Becker who have won the timpani. A challenge for the two actors who had the double mission of make anyone who knew them forget the Pearsons already, and to seduce those who had never heard of it. The balance sheet, as the second season is about to start on TF1, is favorable to I promise you. After a chaotic start, the series – which voluntarily chose to stand out from its predecessor to anchor itself in a reality specific to France – eventually found its audience.

“I promise you” will resume on January 31 on TF1

In an interview given to Cable Sat TV Camille Lou returned to the adventure I promise you while season 2 will return to screens on January 31, taking over from Sam. The companion of Romain Laulhé was logically stingy in confidences on season 2 but nevertheless agreed to deliver some leads, explaining: “We will find Florence at different times of her life and especially when Paul died in season 1. We will finally understand what happened and how this ordeal was experienced by the whole family.“. According to the actress, it will take to expect”with a lot of emotion“.

An emotion that seemed easy to arouse thanks to a great complicity and a perfect alchemy with the one who embodies her husband on the screen, Hugo Becker. “Hugo is one of the reasons why I liked the project so much, revealed the actress. For this season 2, as we know each other better and better, it was even stronger and easier than in season 1. I’m lucky to have her as my partner. he is an amazing actor“, she said. Hugo Becker will appreciate the beautiful statement.

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