Did a candidate voluntarily leave the Big Brother Celebrities adventure?

A candidate may have left voluntarily Big Brother Celebrities. At least that’s what the page suggests. Shovel OD on Instagram, on the lookout for rumors and who has often been right in the past.

It reads: ” We have just learned that a Big Brother candidate has decided to leave the adventure for personal reasons. Who do you think it is? »

The question is valid. Who would want to leave the adventure so quickly and voluntarily?

Could it be one of the people infected with Covid-19?

We will remember that Martin Vachon, Michelle Desrochers, Valérie Carpentier, Lysanne Richard and Stéphanie Harvey are camping in a room, isolated from everyone because of their symptoms of Covid-19.

Michelle has notably had a tough time recently, which hasn’t been shown on camera, after a power outage. She would have expressed doubts about her participation and revealed certain strategic elements, while she was in the grip of a fit of tears. However, we know that the player can make a whole scene.

Could it be Valérie Carpentier, who could be tempted to flee before being ousted by the new boss? It also showed its flaws this week.

Could it be comedian Tranna Wintour, who also has Covid, and is isolated in a hotel room, alone, of her own choosing?

To see the welcome we gave to Stéphane Fallu, who had also suffered the wrath of the Covid, the player might think that her health stay outside will penalize her. On the other hand, Eddy King has also been isolated on the outside and does not seem to be ostracized by his accomplices since his return.

Anyway, if the rumor is true, we should learn more this week.

However, let’s hope not to relive a round of voluntary departures like in the first season, which had annoyed more than one! We like to see players who commit themselves totally.

Remember that the production of Big Brother Celebrities had to make important adjustments to its networks, following the ousting of Stéphane Fallu.

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