The Princes and Princesses of Love 5: Nathan leaves the adventure, his suitors are in tears

The Princes and Princesses of Love 5

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Nathan makes a big announcement at the start of the episode of Princes and Princesses of Love 5: he decides to leave the adventure. His suitors, like the rest of the inhabitants, are in shock.

Nathan made a lot of noise during the broadcast of the Princes and Princesses of Love 5especially when he eliminated Kayla, which was by far the favorite of Internet users. And this January 25, he makes a radical decision and announces it during a new ceremony of time which opposed him to Yoly, Léna, Anthony and Tristan. The Prince decides to leave the adventure! Leaving behind two in love suitors. In particular, we witnessed its rapprochement with Paulina, to the despair of Kayla, her ex-suitor. But it was often reproached to the one who is nicknamed “Daddy Chocolate” not to be sincere. And it is during this announcement that Nathan explains to everyone that he was in reality not ready to find love and that he apologize to all his suitors to whom he may have hurt.

Nathan leaves the adventure
Nathan leaves the adventure – Credit (s): instagram @nathan.updc

Maddison and Paulina, her two suitors are shocked by her hasty decision and end up in tears. The two being very disappointed with the turn of events and their mutual relationship with Nat. Feeling guilty, Pauline went back on her very painful love story for her, explaining that she constantly gets betrayed and deceived. Nathan relieved him with reassuring words and the Agency wanted to congratulate him on his very courageous choice to leave. Magali, the director said: “You have very beautiful lyrics and you prove that you were there in a real way. And for me you are an example tonight”. Internet users, however, do not seem to agree with these congratulations and applause, really doubting the sincerity of Nathan, as shown by the tweets below.

Pauline wants to see Nathan again outside!

Against all expectations, Pauline, Nathan’s suitor, does not hold a grudge against her prince. She is very sad and disappointed but intends not to let this story die out. She said when she left: “I really thought there was something to do with him. If it’s not here, it might be somewhere else. Maybe outside, I don’t know”before adding “I want to see him again outside because in the end I don’t hate him at all, quite the contrary”. At the moment, we don’t know if the two candidates have seen each other since filming, but maybe this is the start of a beautiful love story…

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