Yoly decides to keep Hicham in the adventure –

The new Princess Léana arrives in the adventure and Kelegh shows great enthusiasm for her. Yoly is surprised by the reaction of her suitor, with whom the connection was already broken. All this favors Hicham in the choice.

Yoly reacts to Kelegh’s attitude

Thin and yolly analyze his gesture as a sign that in real life the couple may have a Pause and he’s going to go after another girl. Yoly doesn’t understand why Kelegh asks him to attention if afterwards it’s to play cock with girls in his harem. She decides to go talk to him, blaming him for his infatuation in front of Leana.

Kelegh will reply by reminding Yoly that she reacted the same way when the suitors from Léana have arrived. He stated :

Mademoiselle Yoly isn’t that white, she was squinting at Léana’s famous suitors.

Finally she will decide to discuss with him face to face. She accuses him of disrespecting her by titillating thus in front of Léana. Immediately he gets angry and leaves.

Special coaching session for Yoly

Aurelie and sat come to see Yoly, because they find that she is falling back into her ways. She is undecided and a little in the seduction. They try to help him and ask him questions in order to understand his problem. She explains to them that even though she has her choiceshe has a reconciliation with each other, because they can matches their lives. She adds that she lacks attention and lack of love.

being very affectiveshe likes to have cuddlesshe is very tactile. Aurélie reminds him that this aspect of his personality is perceived as seduction. Sam is going to cut to the chase and ask her where her need for love comes from. Yole will crush some tears replying that she is afraid of abandonment. She will admit that she has a hard time doing confidence to men and to talk about his vulnerabilities. At the end of the session, the coaches asked him to show the true Yoly.

Yoly decides to keep Hicham in the adventure

The two suitors Hicham and Kelegh packed their bags and while waiting for the vans, they made a friendly hug. Hicham told his competitor that they made each other warbut that it was good war, and that his enemy had become his brother. Kelegh also said it was nice to meet him. The vans arrived and Hicham was entitled to the letterYoly wrote:

I apologize for the harm I may have done, let’s start on new bases. Forget the tensions, let the passion in.

Kelegh on seeing Yoly told him that he is not surprisedthat she does deserved neither, because she only did player. He clarified that their characters are incompatible. She finds her reaction ridiculous and replies that she stays with Hicham and that she stops bothering him.

Yoly sees Kelegh’s departure full of hatred and thinks she made the right decision.

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