About An Elf – An atypical adventure soon to be released on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

In the atypical game category, Interactive Meringue just announced the release of About an elf on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Visual Novel borrowing elements from RPG, About an elf will be released on the eShop next February 10. In the meantime, we let you discover its dedicated trailer below.

About an Elf is a visual novel with light RPG elements and point-and-click gameplay where you navigate a fantasy world as the titular elf, Princess Dam! Go in search of Elftopia, a magical and happy place that was once free and open to all, but is no longer accessible.

No one knows what has been lost and what there is to find in Elftopia. Treasures and gold? An endless supply of gummy bears? Or something more conceptual and intangible?

Either way, it’s up to you to guide Princess Dam and her incorrigible apprentice, Roland the BraveCat, as you embark on a journey in search of this lost promised land.
You will travel to a world threatened by haunting life forms and curious characters. The King of Terrors and his army of evil monsters stand in your way in your quest for friendship and entertainment.

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