Sergen decides after a few hours to leave the adventure –

The suitors are certainly in a game, an adventure, but the human factor will always prevail. Sergen was confronted with a situation for which he lost his cool and will decide that his place is no longer in this adventure.

Yann takes Léana aside to discuss

Moments after Nacca announced the pool party, Yann confessed to having a lot of trouble getting to Thin, because he feels it closed. He decided to remove her from the crowd to to discuss. She told him that she finds it difficult to open up and that it is up to him to come to her. Sometimes she even thinks he doesn’t want to talk to her, he thought the same too, they were able to raise the misunderstanding.

Léana feels that Yann concentrates much more on talking to his friends rather than getting closer to her. It was an opportunity for her to shoot him alarm bell in order for him to wake up, she needs him to prove to her that he is there for her. Yann decided to make efforts for the seduce and conquer his heart. They concluded with a Hug and returned to the party.

The reason for the confusion between Yann and Sergen

sergeant curious about what his rival and Léana were talking about, will get closer to this one to find out. Except that Léana will try to make him move also by keeping the mystery on his conversation with Yann. Never advised Sergen to go inside with Léana if he really wants keep one’s place.

Sergei said:

Léana is a person I really appreciate, she has a very strong character, but she also has to adapt to the people she has to deal with.

Yann comes to listen to their conversation and puts his elbow on shoulder of Sergen, visibly shorter than him. This one will quickly take the elbow off his rival and Yann will ask him if he has a problem. Sergen will ignite, interpreting Yann’s gesture as a lack of respect.

Sergen decides to leave the adventure

Yann kept a playful attitude, even mocking, towards Sergen, although he excuse, he didn’t seem very serious. Noting that Sergen was taking his gesture more and more badly, Yann began to tickle, asking him if he is frustrated, if he is tense. For Sergen, it is impossible to allow him to be disrespected in this way, he told Yann that he should never put his arm there.

Sergen will summon Yann not to make him any strange gesture, he will go so far as to hustle violently. Several boys present tried to hold him back, but he was very upset, Yann on his side was surprised so reaction. Later, Sergen will try to resume his calmed downNacca will tell him he doesn’t have to get angry like that, because he has nothing to to prove. Sergei said:

I got out of the game. I question myself, I really don’t belong here, love is not a game. I just want to leave.

Sergen left the adventure without saying a word to Léana. The princess will only have to get closer to Yann.

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