Dorsaf and Abou, perfect match, did they stay together after leaving the adventure?

Dorsaf and Abou are the perfect first match of this fifth season of 10 perfect couples. The young woman returned to her relationship with the young man since the end of filming.

Elbow Dorsaf and Abu were sent to LoveMachine through Chainez, the new participant from 10 perfect couples. This piece reveals, in fact, whether the duos that appear in front of the computer are “perfect matches” or not. After a slight suspense, the television screen, placed in the room, was reignited indicating that the two candidates were indeed compatible according to science. An alchemy that caused the immediate departure of the two participants who indicated that they wanted to try something outside. But how did their relationship evolve after filming?

They always meet

For Tele-Loisirs.frDorsaf spoke about the relationship she has had since the end of the program with Abou: “We stayed in touch after the show. He’s a person I really like. Our feeling continued after the adventure. We can’t talk about a couple since we aren’t, but we talk to each other quite regularly.“Unlike Sarah Lopez and Tom Brusse spinning the perfect loveor Anthony Matéo and Romane who have just formalized their relationshipthe first two candidates to leave the adventure as a “couple” have not yet crossed the threshold of a true romantic relationship.

The report of his adventure

The young woman participated in her first reality TV show. The opportunity for her to draw a first assessment: “The program made me grow a lot. It allowed me to take a step back on myself and learn certain points of my personality that I did not know. I rediscovered myself. In terms of her friendly encounters, she says she still rubs shoulders with some of her former comrades: “I stay in contact with Lola, Giovanni, Sarah, not to mention Abou. There are plenty of candidates that I adore. A list in which Romane does not appear, with whom she had nevertheless reconciled before leaving: I had forgiven him. But looking back at the images, as I am resentful, I cannot say that I have forgiven him. We are not in contact at all. She adds: Our story was much more complex than what you saw on screen.

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