The Erasmus adventure thanks to the Local Mission

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They are preparing to leave for Barcelona for six weeks, thanks to the Local Mission which has benefited for this from the support of the Maison de l’Europe in Nîmes.

This is a first for the local mission. In the premises of Rodez, we even feel a little apprehension on the part of the leaders on this Tuesday morning. This Thursday, they will let go of seven of their youngsters for an adventure that promises to be quite exciting. Igor, Loïc, Gabriel, Farah, Luna, Thomas and Élodie will indeed spend six weeks in Barcelona as part of the Erasmus Plus plan.

“Here, at the Local Mission, when we talk about mobility, we think more of local mobility, of the means of travel to get to work, for example. And it’s not always easy in Aveyron. So, international mobilization , we didn’t think too much about it!” we smile.

The idea of ​​offering these young people in search of professional experience an experience abroad has gained ground. Everything was even ready for a start at the start of 2020. But the pandemic has upset a number of projects. As a result, it is with a certain pride that the Local Mission finally sees this project come to fruition. “It is one of the most rewarding experiences you are about to have” thus launched the president of the local Mission, Romain Smaha, to these young people.

Farah will thus work in tourism, Gabriel in agriculture, Loïc in IT, etc. “It’s still a challenge because I’m a rather reserved person” admits Thomas, while Luna, who did not find her happiness via Parcoursup, measures how lucky she is. Just like Élodie who dreams of making her life abroad.

For the success of its first “Erasmus promotion”, the local mission was able to rely on the experience of the Maison de l’Europe in Nîmes. Both on the administrative management of this project and that of the on-site reception. Three members also made a reconnaissance trip last week. However, this project was able to see the light of day thanks to the mobilization of the Occitanie Region and the regional federation of local missions.

If this project enjoys a certain framework, it is above all intended to promote exchanges, the development of each of the participants, the development of autonomy… And who knows, to arouse beautiful vocations and the desire to travel the world at its young people on the path to integration. On the side of the Local Mission, in any case, this first obviously calls for others!

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