The great Breton adventure of this youth comic strip on the environment has only just begun

In children’s literature, I wanted to offer you this initiative of two Breton authors, Bélinda Donval and Cécile Hunaut, in the Brest region. An original comic strip that makes us aware of the protection of the environment and the animal cause.

With Cécile Hunaut, Bélinda Donval knows well the world of early childhood and the art of reaching this very young audience. Belinda put into images what Cécile imagined.

Illustrated by Belinda Donval
Illustrated by Belinda Donval
Belinda Donval

The comic tells the story of children walking in the forest. They see threads hanging down, they pull on one of them and the magic happens. Screenplay by Cécile Hunault.

Ptit Loup is a blonde with spiky hair. It may sound like a mixture of kid paddle board and Benoit BriseFer. Lili is a redhead with pigtails that go up, no doubt influenced by Pippi Longstocking. At the beginning of her work, Belinda immediately thought of very bright color cartoons. Belinda also added her touches to the screenplay.

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A monster in this comic book by P'tit Lou and Lili
A monster in this comic book by P’tit Lou and Lili
Belinda Donval

Ptit Loup et Lily, the comic strip is currently available at Catherine Donval’s painting workshop in Brest, rue Joseph Le Borgne.

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