Albias. Caroline Nicoletti and the adventure So… tell!

Its flagship is the media library of Saint-Étienne-de-Tulmont but you can meet it on all the cultural events of the public reading network of the community of communes Quercy vert-Aveyron, it is the programmer. The two highlights are the Outdoor Cinema Festival, which takes place in the summer, and the So… tell!

After Génébrières, Caroline will welcome the public on Saturday January 29, in Albias, for the show “From here”, by Olivier de Robert. Olivier de Robert is a writer, historian, hiking instructor and storyteller, this Ariégeois anchored in his Pyrenees mountain has drawn most of his inspiration there for his tales and his stories between laughter, poetry and emotion. He prefers to tell rather than tell, tell his country and these rough people, these people he loves and brings to life through his stories. Knitting bits of very simple sentences to end up saying the great truths, those that come from the depths of the human soul.

“From here” is the story of a guy who wants to be Ariégeois at all costs, for real, with the stamp on his passport. It will begin in the chaos of an overnight train and end in a question mark, but in the meantime, we will have discovered that wanting to be “from here” is a long road that can lead “there”.

Each year, it collaborates with the organizers of the festival, the Friends of the media library of Tarn-et-Garonne, its president Guy Astoul and its programmer Monique Hillenmeyer-Lacombe.

Why Genebrières and Albias?

“For a question of fairness and good geographical distribution, two sites within the same community of municipalities, headquarters of a media library, are chosen for the organization of an evening.”

How are the shows distributed?

“When the list of storytellers is known, we have to give our opinion. We take into account the proposals and tastes of our public but also the capacity of our facilities. This year, the large sports hall of Albias allows us to welcome Olivier de Robert, a well-known regional figure.” There is a real interest from the public, many are those who come to attend all the evenings. Show for all ages, free and without reservation. Contacts: 05 63 64 63 07 or 05 63 64 25 55.

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