electric all-terrain for adventure?

You’re here had already made the buzz with its futuristic all-terrain, the Cybertruck. However, Wolfgang LA seems to want to go further with an even more futuristic prototype. The Thundertruck could well be the future of electric off-road vehicles.

The Thundertruck Prototype

Tesla’s Cybertruck still bears the title of most futuristic pickup yet. However, the new prototype imagined by Wolfgang LA could well monopolize this nickname. Indeed, the company offers a multifunction pick-up for all possible uses.

The Thundertruck could be the result of the meeting between the Cybertuck of Tesla and a motorhome. To begin with, the look of the vehicle seems to be directly inspired by that of Elon Musk’s pickup with its minimalist features. It has a high ground clearance (37 cm) to easily overcome all types of obstacles.

The car features taut corners with wide flat surfaces. At 5.2m long and 2.2m wide, we have a massive concept. This would serve to accommodate all of the features of the Thundertruck, as well as the two electric motors. Moreover, it develops 800 hp and will have all-wheel drive. It is still an all-terrain vehicle.

The battery will have a capacity of 180 kWh with a range of 640 km. This would exceed Tesla’s forecast for the two-motor version of its Cybertruck with its 484 km. For acceleration, Wolfgang LA estimates the 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

Add-ons for versatility and six wheel mode

The Thundertruck concept is above all for adventure. So that means a good time away from car charger sockets. The engineers have provided foldable photovoltaic panels for this purpose. As a bonus, they will also serve as a canopy for the passengers and driver.

Always in the spirit of adventure, the dumpster can be transformed into a tent for nights under the stars. A pull-out fitted galley sits in a wide side drawer, similar to the Rivian R1T. The wide roof will serve as a take-off point for the car’s reconnaissance drone for scouting.

Then the Thundertruck can go from four-wheel to six-wheel drive. This transformation not only offers a gain of 140 hp, but also increases the range by an additional 260 km for a total of 900 km on a single charge. This extension will mostly look like a trailer that is added to the vehicle.

As it is a concept, the engineers have taken all the liberties in the imagination of the Thundertruck. However, moving from theory to practice will not be so easy. The final version, if it comes, could be totally different.

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