For the BBG brand, the adventure ends this Monday, January 31

End clap. After four years of opening. Placed in receivership in November 2021, the BBG brand in Petite-Forêt did not find a buyer… Result: it will definitely lower the curtain on Monday January 31, 2022. The year could not have started off worse for the three entrepreneurs at the origin of the BBG concept (Bio bon gourmand), who were also forced to close their stores in Outreau and Seclin. They will only have the two Lille brands left. If the Covid crisis necessarily disrupted their ambitions (especially with teleworking which caused the loss of a good part of the customers in the Lavoisier park area), the Valenciennes brand also underwent a very long period of work which scared many customers.

Economic dismissal

The employees still hoped until the end. Especially since projects were on track, such as the development of a snack bar in the store. A few days before closing, the shelves are gradually emptying. All remaining stock will be returned to suppliers. The employees, they will take care of dismantling the store until March, with a heavy heart. Then, they will be laid off economically and will thus benefit from a year’s salary in order to have time to find another job.

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