Lézignan-Corbières: new adventure for model Stefan Tisseyre

A child of Lézignan-Corbières, Stefan Tisseyre changed horizons in 2014, first becoming a model, then an “influencer”. At 33, he is already thinking about the future.

It’s hard to project yourself into the future when you’re a model and an influencer. Stefan Tisseyre has understood this, and is already beginning to think about the direction to give to his career. While fashion photography and collaborations with brands remain his main activity, he approaches the world of wine, with a great idea behind his head.

After leaving Aude to brilliantly try the Parisian adventure, Stefan took over an apartment in Narbonne in 2020. “At the time, I shared my time between the two cities, since most of my professional activities took place in the capital. I finally left my apartment there after a few years, and I went back and forth. But with the resurgence of activity in recent months, I think I’ll take one to avoid the hotel”. Indeed, over the last six months of 2021, its activity has exploded, and contracts have multiplied. “For the modeling side, I am part of the Elite agency, and recently I have also been one of the “talents” of the Futur MGMT agency, which specializes in social networks. I cannot overlook the turning point ” influencer” taken by my career, especially when 90% of my professional contracts go through Instagram”. What seems to make the success of this new activity is the possibility for the public to find themselves in situations closer to their daily life: “People are fed up with photos that are too professional, too perfect, which they often cannot relate to. When I post photos on my instagram, there is no cheating, it’s authentic. I don’t spend half a day taking and redoing the photo so that it is perfect, and I manage everything myself, without a community manager”.

To continue to attract brands and collaborations, Stefan multiplies travels and activities. He is soon leaving for Argentina, for treks to encounter glaciers, rivers and local vineyards.

A growing passion

On vacation with the family since the beginning of January, Stefan is taking advantage of this homecoming to start a new activity. “My father took over the few vines from my grandfather Michel Pradies, and is beginning to be tired of their exploitation. He wanted to sell them, but I realized that I was very attached to this part of my life, so I I asked him to keep them, and to entrust them to me”. Passionate about wine, Stefan never misses the opportunity to let his friends taste his favorite cuvées, whether they come from Corbières, Minervois or La Clape. “Most of the time, people are surprised by the quality of our local cuvées. I have the impression that they are tired of Bordeaux and Burgundies, which are often very expensive”.

With his friends Florent Rouanet and Jean-Roch Mazard, he is putting together the final details of a cuvée limited to 2,400 bottles. “This is a red made from four grape varieties: Syrah, Grenache, Marselan and Merlot. It will be available at a few wine merchants in Lézignan or Narbonne, but above all I would like to make it known in Paris”. Beyond a simple experience, Stefan is seriously considering getting into wine. “In the short or medium term, I would like to buy ten hectares to be able to settle down and make my wine. I have had this career as a model and now as an influencer for about eight years, and I really appreciate it , but I also want to work for myself. The idea of ​​improving the Parisian image of local wines is also in the back of my mind.”.

Far from the clichés usually backed by the most media-focused influencers, Stefan Tisseyre has his head on his shoulders and his numerous travels do not prevent him from having his feet firmly anchored in the land of Corbières.

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