GR20 L’Aventure de Corse: a book that works

Corsicans, and passions for hiking and literature, Youri and Rémi, tell in this book their crossing of the GR20 in 8 days.
They humorously describe their walk “sewn with extraordinary encounters and improbable situations.“In this logbook written “by the sweat of their foreheads, their hands, their feet and the bile of their entrails” Captain Rémi and Youri K. Roy recount the incredible journey of initiation they experienced with “references to popular culture, comical scents and a very strong smell of quest.”

To see their book published, the two writers searched for a publisher for more than a year. “It was very discouraging to have our manuscript rejected. Yet we knew the potential of our story.“says Yuri who, with his co-author, has therefore decided to take up the challenge of self-publishing the book. Only a few times after its publication, the book, available on the internet and in island bookstores, has already sold 1,500 copies.”A great success for a self-published book. And especially for me, a pleasure to promote my country, Corsica through literature.“says Yuri who recommends reading this book “which smells of paper but which also has a scent of references to the popular culture of the island.”

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Book available in bookstores and on the website: https://livre-gr20-corse.with/

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