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A compilation of the last two episodes of the Uncharted series has just been released on Playstation 5. The opportunity to rediscover these two great classics in the best possible way, despite improvements that remain on the sidelines.

The Uncharted series is back with the Legacy of thieves collection compilation which brings together the two games in the series released on Plastation 4 (PS4). We therefore find the spin-off The Lost Legacy, released in 2017, and especially one of the most emblematic opuses of the Naughty Dog series: number 4, aka A Thief’s End, released in 2016.

A double piece that owners of Playstation 5 (PS5) will be able to (re)discover in this adaptation which does the bare minimum in terms of content, but which further boosts these two titles, already graphically flawless on the old generation.

Two nuggets of the PS4

The first opportunity to find Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4. A supercharged episode, which testifies to the incomparable talent of the Naughty Dog studio to offer this cocktail of action, adventure, puzzles and writing. This title which was one of the nuggets of the PS4 has not aged. On the contrary, it is still a standard meter today, only technically surpassed by games like The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding or God of War.

The title puts us on the trail of Henry Avery’s treasure. A quest that should allow Nathan Drake to help his brother; Sam, entangled in dirty business with a drug dealer. Things will not always be easy for the two brothers, who will have to face other treasure hunters, ready to do anything to overtake them. Count about fifteen hours to complete the adventure.

Shorter – 7 to 8 hours at most – Lost Legacy puts us in the shoes of Chloé Frazer, a character that we have already met in the second and third opus of the series. The young woman will join forces with Nadine Ross for an adventure that will take them to India in search of the defense of Ganesh.

The editorial staff advises you

This upgrade thus makes it possible to play these two titles in the best possible way. It offers three graphics modes: fidelity, performance and performance + (for which you need a 120hz television). We recommend the performance mode, which provides 60 frames per second and a 4K resolution upscaled to 1440p. This is clearly the best way to relive the two adventures.

In terms of gameplay, nothing moves, or almost. The handling is still nice and it’s a pleasure to control Nathan Drake or Chloe Frazer. The rhythm alternates perfectly between shooting, climbing, enigma and infiltration phases so as not to tire the player. But it’s really thanks to the respective scenarios of these two games that we stand out the most captivated. A real masterclass.

You have to go back to the checkout

Before concluding, a clarification is needed about the price of this compilation. If you already own Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End or Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, all you have to do is pay 10 euros to unlock this improved version. In case you have one of its games in physical version, you will have to insert it to play the PS5 version. Finally, in the event that the player has neither of the two games, he will have to pay the usual price, namely €49.99. Note, however, that these two games are normally, and free to play on PS5 without using the upgrade.

The editorial staff advises you

Those who have never played it can therefore go for it with their eyes closed. Even without having made the first three opuses, these two titles will remain accessible. For the others, who have already given at the time, they will just have to ask themselves if they are ready to repay for a simple technical improvement.

Uncharted Legacy of thieves collection, 49.99 euros. PlayStation 5

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