The Aveyronnaise Vanessa Duremord at the start of season 15 of “Pékin Express” on February 10

The 30-year-old is one of eight pairs of candidates competing in season 15, which takes place between Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Jordan and Dubai. Before the broadcast of the first episode, Thursday, February 10, on M6, the Aveyronnaise delivers its first impressions.

There are certain things that the young woman is not allowed to reveal about her adventure: prohibition to give the number of episodes in which she participated, the identity of the winner… as well as too many details as to the place of the race. But several months after the end of filming, she keeps the fond memory of an “authentic adventure”.

From Campuac

Vanessa, 30, lives in Campuac, his hometown in Aveyron, or she is a saleswoman and cashier at the village grocery store for three years. But Vanessa is above all a great traveler, with around fifteen countries on her list: Norway, Albania, Bulgaria, Morocco… and, recently, four countries to add to this list, namely Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Jordan and Dubai, crossed by the 15th edition of Beijing express in which she participated as a candidate.

“Participating in the show was a dream”

“I love travel. As soon as I can, I leave. Participating in Beijing Express was a dream. I share the values ​​that this show advocates, as close as possible to local populations,” says the bubbly young woman. Filming for this new season took place last year, from the end of August until the end of September. But for Vanessa, it all starts in March 2022, when she sends her application by video to M6 for the second time.

“It was unlikely to be taken, for a small Aveyronnaise from Campuac like me. It was something unique, an authentic adventure, without strategy, the very beautiful gift of my 30 years”. A few weeks later, she is contacted by the television channel which announces that her application has been accepted. In the “unknown pair” category, in accordance with her request, and therefore alongside a person she did not know.

With an unknown partner

“I asked myself a lot of questions: maybe it will be someone great, whom I will continue to see, who will become important in my life”, remembers the young Campuaoise. She will compete with Étienne, a 52-year-old doctor from Antibes. Impossible to know if the adventure went well between them, moreover, according to the young woman, “even her family” still ignores everything today.

Season 15 will be broadcast from February 10 on M6

This season, Stéphane Rotenberg and the eight pairs will discover the most remote and wild lands of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, the landscapes of Jordan but also the scenery of the United Arab Emirates… Beijing Express goes to the land of the eagle regal! This raptor is the common point of the 4 countries crossed. Golden eagle hunting is a tradition that dates back to the conquest of Central Asia. Apart from an unusual course, season 15 has something new in store: the “express pass” which can protect a pair from elimination. Filming took place between the end of August and the end of September 2021.

“I keep the memory of an extraordinary, very human adventure, a real emotional lift. Very welcoming people, sublime landscapes, it was very exotic, even if it was a race. I am very happy to get people talking about my little village of Campuac and Aveyron”, explains Vanessa Duremord, whose popularity rating is currently skyrocketing in the village.

Beijing express is broadcast every Thursday evening on M6. See you for the first episode on Thursday February 10, with a total of ten shows scheduled.

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