Experiencing disability in the Amazon, an extraordinary solidarity adventure

Saül, Saint-Laurent, Camopi or experiencing disability differently and in the middle of nature is what the initiators of the Handi’cap project in the Amazon wanted. Within this team, Cyrille Carré, kayaking world champion, and Yann Jondot, paraplegic and accessibility ambassador, are happy to discover Guyana and its inhabitants. Arriving on January 28, they will crisscross the territory until February 10.

Two associations carry the Handi’cap adventure on the Amazon, Alopias founded by Arnaud Chassery in 2008 which promotes difference through disability and Epnak, which contributes to the social and professional integration of people with disabilities.

Arrived on January 28 in Guyana, the Handi’cap sur l’Amazonie team has already been to Saul and was in Saint-Laurent this morning for a discovery of the Maroni River. For this morning, young people from the Gcsms (Social and medico-social cooperation group) with disabilities, took part in the event by jumping into the water aboard a large 12-seater canoe.

The start was at the canoe-kayak club, near Pointe Balaté. The 12-seater canoe was entirely built by children with disabilities from the Gcms. On board this canoe, there was the kayaking world champion, Cyrille Carré and Yann Jondot, paraplegic over the entire lower part of his body below the shoulders. It is therefore in a wheelchair that the accessibility ambassador settled on this boat with the help of everyone around him for a trip on the Maroni.

Yann Jondot , elected first deputy of a town in Morbihan, realized a dream by coming to Guyana. In particular in Saül where he spent 3 nights in the forest in this town fully accessible to people with disabilities. He lives an extraordinary adventure and thus pursues his objective: to raise awareness of accessibility for everyone everywhere.

Handi’cap’s next destination on the Amazon is Camopi. The team will spend three full days there and take part in the ophthalmological screening operation which is to take place there.

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