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Following a jury meeting held in mid-January, the City of Nancy and the association of booksellers Lire à Nancy, co-organizers of Livre sur la Place, announced the appointment of Sarah Polacci as Commissioner General of the Book on the Place. The 2022 edition to be held from September 9 to 11 is getting ready.

This is obviously important news and a face that will become emblematic as the Livre sur la Place is part of Nancy’s identity. The arrival of Sarah Polacci as General Commissioner symbolizes a new era in the literary world and for this unmissable event in September. It is not the cultural assistant, Bertrand Masson, who will say the opposite. It traces the last few weeks. “The 2021 edition closed so early, we worked on holding the next one. Especially since this 2021 edition was once again a great success. 115,000 visitors, more than 450 authors, 77 classes welcomed, a public happy to find the marquee and the atmosphere. Not to mention the feedback we get from professionals in the literary world saying that it’s their favorite time of year.

The departure of Marie-Madeleine Rigopoulos forced us to think about the future with Astrid Canada, president of the association of booksellers of Nancy and Françoise Rossinot so that there is neither rupture nor difficulty. We wanted someone with a perfect knowledge of the players in the book chain to confirm our rank as the first literary fair for the start of the school year. But also someone capable of ensuring the territorial anchoring of the event. Sarah Polacci ticks all the boxes that allow us to look forward with great confidence and ambition to a great and beautiful 2022 edition”, he announces.

Sarah Polacci, a name that has resonated for a long time in Nancy and associated with the Livre sur la Place long before this appointment. Her career is that of a Nancy-based reporter-host who spent nearly 20 years at Radio France, notably in her pocket, scheduling meetings at the Forum France Bleu-Livre on the Square during the event. “I have also been a literary programmer for more than five years at the Saint-Dié-des-Vosges Geography Festival and moderator at various fairs in the Grand Est, the Pompidou-Paris center or the Paris book fair”, adds -she.

The bicentenary of the birth of Edmond de Goncourt celebrated

Finding herself in such a place, she had never imagined. ” Everything in its time. I was very happy to work on the programming of the Forum France Bleu-Livre on the Place since 2013. I was very happy on the radio and to work at the same time for this show that I love very much. Straddling the two was a privileged place. Times have changed and today, I feel ready to take on the responsibility of organizing this meeting with the teams, the partners and all the driving forces. I have to be in the continuity of what has been done for more than 40 years, with an increasingly strong national and European influence and a strong regional anchoring. This is a great opportunity that makes me very happy. It’s a challenge that allows me to have another professional life before I turn 50. I see it as a very positive adventure! “, she launches with a calm voice of a radio professional.

General Delegate of the Académie Goncourt, Françoise Rossinot, who was at the head of the Nancy show until 2018, is accompanying this year this edition which will celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Edmond de Goncourt, born in Nancy. Sarah Polacci elaborates: “Le Livre sur la Place is the only show sponsored by the Académie Goncourt. We are therefore working on the celebration of this bicentenary. For the rest, we will continue the path already started. Strengthen the presence of comics, strengthen the presence of foreign authors and international openness, make books and reading accessible to all audiences in all neighborhoods with, of course, special attention to young people, spread out the Book on the Square more over the year. Work even more with museums and the theater world, in a transversal way, to offer new events. Why not also leave room during the show for debates of ideas with a reflection on the world, geopolitics, the place of literature, etc.? This year’s programming will naturally fit into this national year dedicated to reading. We are going to reinforce the readings throughout the year because it is a form of entry into literature. »

The new General Commissioner of the Book on the Place concludes with a particular characteristic strong in symbols: “My first name is Léa, which gives Léa-Sarah Polacci either LSP as the acronym for the Book on the Place”, she smiles. . Not bad to start such an adventure!

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