New gastronomic adventure for Le Galanga Paris, the gastronomic table at Monsieur George

Within the Hotel Monsieur George – Paris eighth, the restaurant Galanga Paris opened almost two years ago. Taking its name from that of a rare plant, a cousin of ginger, stimulating and with multiple virtues, it offered, during its few months of opening, cuisine inspired by travel and the flavors of the world.

Chef Thomas Danigo, who has been in charge since day one, recently opened the restaurant for the mythical Hotel La Ponche in Saint Tropez. He now offers a gourmet menu at Galanga Paris, with the desire to express and enhance the riches of the region. Initiating a whole new adventure for Galanga.

In a warm decor in shades of green, signed Anouska Hempel, we settle in the dining room of a palace of Turkish-Moroccan inspiration.

Thomas Danigo cooks by instinct and puts plants in the spotlight: vegetables, fruits, tubers and flowers are worked according to modern cooking methods and the cooking techniques of our ancestors: macerations, fermentations or cooked directly over the flame. The vegetables are directly grilled or caramelized to sublimate their flavors while maintaining the most accurate taste. The chef and his brigade work the flame in different ways, including the Japanese barbecue “ Konro where meat or fish are grilled. Burnt leek goes well with guanciale and pecorino. Chef Thomas Danigo offers cuisine in his image as a lover of products from the land, the sky and the sea. The dishes are refined, surprisingly composed and colorful. They are sublimated with spices, peppers and condiments from elsewhere.

The menu consists of two partitions, five or seven beats.

Hotel Monsieur George – Galanga Paris

17 rue Washington, Paris 8th

+33 (0)1 87 89 48 48

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