“Our adventure is the antithesis of Star Ac!”

In Welcome to the Bodins, a show which will be broadcast on Wednesday February 9 on M6, Christian set fire to the village church. With his mother Maria, he will therefore organize a charity concert in the courtyard of the farm. Pascal Obispo, Benabar, Jarry, Stephane Plaza… singers, comedians and presenters from M6 take part in the show written by Jean-Christian Fraiscinet and Vincent Dubois, the comic duo which embodies the famous rural people. Encounter.

Jean-Christian Fraiscinet (alias Christian Bodin’s): “We’re not here to add fuel to the fire, even if Maria has a big mouth!”

Tele-Leisure. How did you prepare for this show?

Vincent Dubois (alias Maria). We wrote for six months, doing tailor-made for our guests. Whether it’s for a film, a show or TV, we don’t settle for a succession of gags, we tell a story.

Are you inspired by current events to write?

Jean-Christian Fraiscinet (alias Christian). Yes. We discussed the Yellow Vests movement, the Covid-19… We know that we can talk about anything from the moment the Bodin’s keep their earthly common sense. We’re not here to add fuel to the fire, even if Maria has a big mouth!

You fill the Zeniths and your film The Bodin’s in Thailand, released last November, attracted 1.5 million spectators. What is your recipe for success?

DV The Bodin’s have been around for thirty years. This is surely one of the reasons for the success: by dint of hard work, we have attracted an audience that has grown over time. Our adventure is the antithesis of Star Ac’ : we didn’t go to the Zéniths in three weeks, we went from party halls to the Zéniths in thirty years! It takes time to do things right.

In Paris, your film was only distributed in two theaters. Did it affect you?

J.-CF Journalists need polemics to work, like carpenters need wood. It’s a fake topic. We do not write for Parisians or rural people, but for the public. We know that we have Parisian spectators: we fill the Zénith or the Olympia when we play our show. In the cinema, we depend on the distribution. The film was withdrawn fairly quickly in Paris, but we had a lot of people in the provinces: no doubt the Parisians came to the provinces to see it! [Il rit.]

Vincent Dubois (aka Maria Bodin): “Our producer has exemplary courage and determination, but he is beginning to despair!”

How is your tour going with the imposed gauges?

DV Evil… For two years, we have been going from postponement to postponement. We had to shift the dates in Saint-Étienne and Lyon because we exceeded the 2,000 authorized spectators. It is all the more frustrating that we have just resumed the tour. We still have 133 dates in Zeniths, until April 2023. Our producer has exemplary courage and determination, but he is beginning to despair!

Despite the success, do you sometimes feel like prisoners of your characters?

DV No, because we are not only performers, we are above all authors. The cement of our duo is creation. And we escape to do other things: Jean-Christian does theater and directing, and I do films and concerts. We find the Bodin’s with all the more appetite.

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