PARIS: Change of circuit and new adventure for Groupe SNEF and Xavier MACAIRE

Welcome to the Class40 Groupe SNEF: Xavier Macaire and Team SNEF are taking part in the Class40 circuit with the Route du Rhum 2022 and the Transat Jacques Vabre 2023 in their sights.

Involved in sailing for more than twenty-five years, Groupe SNEF is embarking on a new, more ambitious project, with the desire to embark its employees, customers and partners on a new adventure where safety, high standards, performance, commitment, team spirit and humility are all values ​​shared by the entire Group.

The Class40, an obvious choice

After having performed on all the circuits in which he took part, whether in the Mini, in the Figaro Bénéteau or recently in the Ocean Fifity, Xavier Macaire, a complete and demanding skipper, has built up a brilliant career year after year. With Groupe SNEF, which has supported it since 2017, it has chosen to fully commit to this new Class40 project.

Xavier explains: This new challenge includes the construction and development of a new boat. You have to make choices that will have an impact on race performance. It’s very stimulating for me, who likes technicality as much as sailing on racing yachts. What’s more, I’m joining a very dynamic class where the boats are more and more efficient and the skippers are more and more sharp, it’s a challenge worthy of me”.

A Pogo 40 S4 designed by Guillaume Verdier and built by Pogo Structures

The construction of the Class40 Groupe SNEF designed by Guillaume Verdier began in September 2021 at Pogo Structures. Its launch is scheduled for next March.

Its massive SCOW-style bow and its detached brion provide power and a low drag surface. The very taut hull on the rear part benefits gliding. As for the carbon rig, it is very far back on the deck, allowing the centering of the weights to be maintained and the surface area of ​​the headsails to be further increased. This is a boat that aims to be both fast downwind to perform well on the Route du Rhum, but also powerful and versatile to take advantage of it in all conditions and in other races.

Xavier was very involved in its design, a novelty for him: “The boat must respect a gauge but we are not in the one design. We have a lot of possible choices, it’s new and rather exciting to be able to make your boat evolve by hand.
The talent of Guillaume Verdier in the design of boats is no longer to be demonstrated, his boats are well born. Three-quarters of the Route du Rhum course being downwind, I wanted a very powerful hull but with little drag, a shape that was highly optimized for gliding at this speed.

As for the Structures yard, I have had a good relationship of trust with them since I took part in the Mini Transat in 2009 on a Pogo 2 of their creation. They build quality and resistant boats. It’s important for me because I want to be able to make the most of it, without being afraid that it will break at any time. The way to be efficient is to be able to pull on the boat without having to lift your foot; the skipper should be the limit, not the boat. »

Precise preparation in the service of its ambitions

The skipper of Groupe SNEF makes no secret of it: he will line up at the start of the Route du Rhum and the Transat Jacques Vabre to win. And even if some competitors who have already had several years of practice have the advantage of knowing the boat better than he does, Xavier Macaire will set off without any qualms, with the certainty that he is quite capable of competing.

“The Class40 Groupe SNEF should be launched at the beginning of March, which gives me many months to get up to speed. Of course it takes time to know a boat perfectly, its secrets, its optimum settings; here the objective is to condense this time as much as possible to be efficient at the start of the Route du Rhum on November 6, 2022. This will therefore involve sailing a lot and above all intelligently. The idea is not simply to make circles in the water to become familiar with it, I will go sailing with very specific objectives to progress very quickly. »

An anchorage in Les Sables d’Olonne

As soon as it is launched, the Class40 Groupe SNEF will head for Port Olonna in Les Sables d’Olonne where it will be based and where Xavier Macaire will train all year round: “I live in Les Sables d’Olonne and am very attached to it. The agglomeration has been very involved with me for several years, we are in a relationship of trust and mutual exchanges. I gladly share my specialist knowledge during nautical events such as the Vendée Globe, the Mini Transat or the Paris Boat Show. The idea is to live as close as possible and to share my project with the local nautical community and the inhabitants of Les Sables. I am also working to develop my network and is still looking for a few local partners to join us in these legendary races”.

Provisional sports program

Beginning of March: launching

April: 1000 Miles of Sands (departure April 10)

May: Normandy Channel Race (departure May 15)

July: Drheam Cup (departure July 17)

August: Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race (starting August 7)

November: Route du Rhum (departure on November 6)

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