why you shouldn’t miss this animated adventure about a heroine firefighter!

From February 2 at the cinema, meet Georgia, a young girl determined to become a New York firefighter in Valiant, the new animated film from the producers of Ballerina.

Here comes a young lady who will set fire to our dark rooms! We are obviously talking to you about Georgia, the heroine of Valiant, directed by Laurent Zeitoun and Theodore Ty, and which arrives on February 2 at the cinema. This animated film takes us to New York in the 1930s. Young Georgia has dreamed since her earliest childhood of becoming a firefighter, like her dad. But here it is: at the time, the profession was forbidden to women. Also, Georgia will curb her dream… Until the day when an arsonist attacks the theaters of Broadway and makes the city’s firefighters disappear! Our heroine then disguises herself as a man to join a team of firefighters freshly formed and led by… her father.

A fiery epic!

Action, humor, but also a lot of emotions punctuate this new animated adventure from the producers of Ballerina (2016). Like a certain Mulan, Georgia turns out to be a strong-willed, endearing and admittedly feminist heroine. Because it pays tribute to all female firefighters, starting with the first authorized to join the New York Fire Department in… 1982! Visually very successful with its bright colors and curvaceous characters, rich in pretty messages, Valiant speeds along at a fiery pace.

A five-star voice cast

It’s a hell of a bunch of talents that we find in the casting of the French voices of the feature film: the actor Vincent Cassel, actress and director Valerie Lemercier, the actor-director Elie Semoun, actress and comedian Claudia Tagbo, and of course Alice Pol, chosen to lend her voice to the heroine. The actress, seen in particular alongside Dany Boon in Superchondriac Where Crazy Raid, told us that she had a lot of “fun” to overtake Georgia, especially when the young lady has to disguise her voice so as not to be unmasked by her father, when she joins the team of firefighters.

Valiant hits theaters February 2.

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