a stylish but confusing space adventure

An animated film transformed into a series, Mitsuo Iso’s new creation is full of ideas: cynical heroine, inventive scenario of anticipation, rhythm and narrative optimism… But also takes incomprehensible detours and obscure discourse.

In 2045, humanity and artificial intelligence have conquered space. Colonies form on the Moon. So much so that Moon children are born, but few manage to survive. Two of them, Touya and Konoha, will meet three young Earthlings (including an irresistibly cynical YouTuber), lucky winners of a space trip. Locked in an orbital station with scientists, all will have to fight for their survival, then that of the whole Earth.

First conceived as a two-part film for Japan, Our youth in orbit was divided into six episodes of about half an hour, each with a fall or a final twist. This anime, broadcast on Netflix since January 28, draws a hard science fiction adventure (taking the time to explain and give credibility to its inventions) which mixes technology, foresight and spirituality.

The start is particularly efficient. In its first episode, the series deploys a thousand visual ideas, between science fiction and anticipation, which resonate with our present, especially in its representation of social networks. The characters come alive and move in zero gravity in a celestial and pleasant ballet, even if it is not always very consistent with its own rules of physics.

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