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The Bay of Somme is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bays in the world… Philippe Gougler is a fan of it, and you can feel it right from the start of his journey!

Starting off with a fantastic ride, which he shares with Reinette, a fisherman on foot. Despite the harshness of her job, Reinette has had a blast here for fifty years, between cockle fishing and collecting worms and plants from the bay.

Chloé cherishes her horses as if they were her own children. They are of the Henson breed, created half a century ago to best adapt to the living conditions of the bay… And there too it rocks!

Throughout his trip to Picardy, Philippe Gougler has had incredible encounters!

Amédée, Vincent and Jean-Louis, aboard their floating 2CV, Francesca at the heart of her hortillonnages, the two Gilles for a dive into the history of the Great War. One is a deminer and the other protects the cave of Froidmont, a refuge occupied sometimes by the Germans, sometimes by the French, in the middle of the Chemin des Dames. Guaranteed emotions!

They all have a passion for their region in common and have decided to see their dream through to the end!

Like Maximilian. Cereal farmer by family heritage, he took it into his head to relaunch Picard wine, produced in the Middle Ages but abandoned at the end of the 19th century.and century. Denis has been exploring the basements of the old town of Laon for over thirty years! He has made incredible discoveries which he shares with Philippe Gougler, for an end to the journey in apotheosis!

© David Perrier – FTV 2021

The reports :

Chloé, for the love of the Hensons

It’s a very beautiful love story between Chloé, 28, and her Henson horses, a breed endemic to the Bay of Somme. Alongside other breeders in the region, she fights to make known this breed which did not exist fifty years ago. They have been cut to best withstand the living conditions of the bay.

A report by Chloé Robert – © TSVP 2021

Maximilian’s bet

The Somme is not known to be a land of wine. Since the end of the 19th century, vines have not even been cultivated there at all. But like others, in England for example, Maximilien de Wazières bets a little crazy that with global warming it could reconquer its vineyards. . He is the first in his department to have believed in it, and is starting to be emulated.

A report by Joséphine Dutheuil – © TSVP 2021

An explosive legacy

Commander Gilles Soreau is a deminer. He directs the 17 members of the Laon team, which operates throughout Picardy. They are the ones we call when an abandoned piece of luggage is found in a station. But most of the time… they dig up shells. In the Aisne and the Somme, they are everywhere: the First World War left behind tens of tons of ammunition. As in Levergies, whose inhabitants are forced to evacuate for a spectacular operation!

A report by Joséphine Dutheuil – © TSVP 2021

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