In the new presentation Yacht Club Games Presentsseveral announcements were made, including the reveal of a brand new game from the creators of the series Shovel Knight : Mina the Hollower. Described as an action-adventure game featuring classic gameplay with an 8-bit aesthetic reminiscent of the Game Boy Color, while being modernized, it embodies Mina a ” Hollower and visionary inventor who fights with a whip. At the moment, the game is in the heart of its production, which means that everything that has been shown may not be final. In addition, Yacht Club Games cannot officially communicate a release date, nor the media where Mina the Hollower will be released. A countryside Kickstarter was launched to fund development (as was the case with Shovel Knight, although Yacht Club Games is funding the bulk of the project, the campaign being, in short, to make the game bigger), and the main goals have already been was filled in a few hours. Going by the awards, the game should at least be released on consoles nintendo-switch, playstation, Xbox and computerbut again, this is unconfirmed.

Other footage from the game was shown in the Yacht Club Games Presents presentation, starting at 10:05:

Yacht Club Games promises dynamic battles at 60 frames per second, masterful gameplay, beastly bosses, infectious music, pixel-perfect graphics, and a captivating and spooky world inspired by Victorian Gothic horror with a nostalgic atmosphere where Mina’s adventures will unfold from top to bottom. One day, the heroine receives a disturbing letter from the Baron Lionelhis longtime patron who oversees the island of tenebrous. Thanks to Mina’s prowess in the technology of Spark, the island dominated for many years, ushering in new prosperity for its citizens. But now, the spark generators have gone out and a criminal act is suspected… To save the island which seems to be the victim of a curse, Mina will have to go on a mission and fight monsters with an arsenal of weapons and weapons. all kinds of trinkets. The heroine will also meet many bizarre characters and will have to unlock the secrets of Tenebrous in exotic locations.

Furthermore, we have confirmation that the soundtrack of Mina the Hollower is composed by Jake Kauffman (Shantae, Legend of Kay, Contra 4, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Mighty Switch Force!, DuckTales: Remastered, Retro City Rampage, Shovel Knight, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Bloodstained, Cyber ​​Shadow, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon…).

Note that Yacht Club Games has partnered with Fangaming to offer exclusive rewards for contributors to the Kickstarter campaign, including the physical OST, pins, an artbook and a Mina plushie. Note that the Kickstarter campaign contains lots of information on the game, whether on the story, the characters and the gameplay. There is also already a official sitewhich also indicates the languages ​​that will be included, namely: French, English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian and German.

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