The Princes and Princesses of Love 5: Yoly and Hicham leave the adventure separately, it’s a shock!

The Princes and Princesses of Love 5

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Hicham, Yoly’s suitor has made a big decision after his princess’s coaching: he is leaving the adventure, alone. The young woman made the choice to leave also following this announcement.

The love stories of yolly have not always been all rosy in the Princes and Princesses of Love 5, aired on W9. Indeed, throughout the adventure, the princess got closer of Hicham, who has often criticized her for being far too playful with her other suitors. The two candidates have therefore become confused on several occasions for “trivialities” according to Yoly. And it is during a coaching around the ring of fire that Yoly tried to clear things up with him. Unfortunately, Hicham made a big decision following this conversation, seeing that he was “too unhappy” : he leaves the adventure. Indeed, the young man had the choice to burn or not the photo of his princess to draw a cross on his past and on Yoly, who according to him, made him suffer too much. He then did not hesitate for a single second before throw the picture into the fire and leave.

Yoly shocked by Hicham's decision
Yoly shocked by Hicham’s decision – Credit (s): W9

It’s the shock! After a rather tough discussion between Yoly and Hisham during the Ring of Fire, the young man makes the decision to leave. The two candidates were no longer on the same wavelength and had too many things to blame themselves for. Just before leaving, Hisham, in tearshas also told Yoly “I feel like I gave you the cards to win. You re-opened scars […] You can’t afford to hurt me so much. Yoly, there I see you as an enemy. Shocking words for the princess who, in turn, made a decision. While she had the choice to stay in the adventure without Hicham, she preferred to leave also stating: “Clearly the guy takes down the co***les of my r*ceit crumples me like an old sock and throws me in the fire”before adding “I’m going to leave. The things I built with him, I’m not going to build them with someone else”.

Yoly is inconsolable

All the candidates are in shock and moved by the the visible pain of Yoly who is inconsolable, Lena the first saying that he “breaks the heart”. The princess at her departure is in tears, inconsolable and distraught faced with this situation and the departure of Hicham. She says, throat tight and struggling to find her words: “I can’t stay on this adventure without him. I wanted to get to know him without the tensions and in the end, he does not give me the opportunity to do so”. The young woman finally doubts Hicham’s sincerityeven after saying that it is a “good guy”. Yoly therefore takes the van, crying hot tears, wishing good continuation to her former comrades, particularly Léna who is very sad of his departure.

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