“The Great Adventure” – Poetry, this tragicomedy

After a Self-portrait as a deer which had given him a certain notoriety in the small literary world, the writer Victor Pouchet sails towards new horizons and rehabilitates poetry in this creative and exciting novel-poem.

Poetry doesn’t sell! exclaimed the Dauriat of lost illusions, as a profit-hungry publisher. The genre of poetry has long fallen into disuse, yes it’s true, but these days is experiencing a happy revival orchestrated by a new generation of authors, eager to reinvest prose and verse, to bring back the reader to this sensitive writing. After Brambles by Cécile Coulon, it is Victor Pouchet who takes us by the hand to bring us back to poetry. Small book, short poems, but great adventure, this is the author’s bet for this exciting third publication.

I would like to see you there

The Great Adventure it is that of the narrator who tries, in this novel-poetry in five acts, to reconcile us with the little and big shivers of existence – his own. Every day his poem, the great thing about poetry, says the author in lines with arbitrary cuts, is that you can do very precisely what you want.

I no longer answer / your messages / because it seems / that there is no rush / Where is the great adventure? / And the novels that are beyond us / I will read them another time / heart emoji dog emoji / I still hope / that you are well. »

The Great Adventure, Victor Pouchet

So, if a verse should be only one word, it will only be one word. If the poem is to stretch out on the small page of this paperback novel, it will stretch out. No rules for those who write poetry. And if you think it’s something easy, just give it a try, we’d love to see you there. We are not serious when we write poetry and Victor Pouchet knows it, plays with the genre, its rules and its codes, punctuates a few sentences with emojis ” heart emoji dog emoji “. The poet always has the last word, that’s also the adventure.

Our Great Adventure

The work, short, joyful, playful, reveals like a chemical solution the continuous beauty in the tiny things that punctuate everyday life. There are the train journeys, the noises of the big city during the trips to Paris – decidedly too noisy. This love story, the meeting at the beginning, the separation towards the end, and then maybe a new beginning – how do you know?

On the way we let / walk our loops / of words and images / through the trees / When you start / a theory I finish / your story Sometimes / it’s the other way around we talk a lot / and when we go back there happens / that we fall asleep side by side / tired of good fatigue / What a funny thing existence is. »

The Great Adventure, Victor Pouchet

Love, important and central but not only. Added to this are the small moments of pleasure that make up existence. Appointments with the psychiatrist (“ it’s stupid I had / not bad stuff / to tell, / finally nothing crazy ”) to walks in the woods and days spent doing nothing or making love. No revolutionary idea with Victor Pouchet, just those things that make life worthwhile. And sometimes you can grow from reading a poem a day. Perhaps as much as one grows out of writing a poem a day.

The Great Adventure of Victor Pouchet, Grasset editions, 14.50 euros.

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