Adventures and Cabins in the Forest Domaine du Boulet, July 17, 2022, Feins.

Adventures and Cabins in the Forest
from Sunday July 17 to Saturday July 23 at Domaine du Boulet
Your favorite playground for your holidays: nature! ———————————————————- Welcome to the heart of a preserved natural area classified as Natura 2000 at the Etang de Boulet, the largest navigable body of water in Ille-et-Vilaine, where your nature and sports adventure will take place! The adventure will leave room for your imagination thanks to the construction of cabins in the forest. We offer you different manual activities to carry out with natural materials: postcards and Land Art (use of the frame and natural materials to create ephemeral works). Lovers of nature and wide open spaces, the mountain biking activity will allow you to discover the forest and the surroundings of the Boulet pond: its landscapes, its fauna and its flora. As a team with your friends, you will participate in a great treasure hunt equipped with your compass and your map. You will have to solve the puzzles without losing the North! Not to mention swimming in the lake. Finally, an outing to the tree climbing park will be offered to you during the summer camp. **To this program are added all the games and activities that the educational team will have carefully prepared for you!**
519 €
as part of the “learning colonies” operation by the Ministry of National Education.

Domaine du Boulet La Bijouterie, 35440 Feins Feins Ille-et-Vilaine

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