The adventure in Morocco must still wait for the two friends of Yaucourt-Bussus and Ailly-le-Ht-Clocher

Quentin Gence and Quentin Clermont will have to wait another year to start the 4L Trophy.  Until then, they will embark on another raid… as a family.
Quentin Gence and Quentin Clermont will have to wait another year to start the 4L Trophy. Until then, they will embark on another raid… as a family.

At the beginning of January, Quentin Gence and Quentin Clermont’s luggage was ready, their car too, pampered for nearly a year for these two lifelong friends, who live in Ailly-le-Haut-Clocher for the first, Yaucourt-Bussus for the second (Sum).

Ready to take the wheel, head for the Moroccan desert, to experience the great adventure of the 4L Trophy, this annual car raid reserved for young people under 28.

“We have been waiting for this departure for a year”

Everything was ready, therefore, until this message received in the evening, on their mailbox: the 2022 edition would not take place in mid-February as planned, the sanitary conditions being too uncertain.

“We’ve been waiting for this departure for a year,” breathes Quentin Gence. “Since last summer, the car was ready, adds Quentin Clermont. For six months, we had really been looking forward to arriving. »

And then the cold shower, with a new date (early May) which no longer suited the two friends: one will be in the middle of the exam period, and the other on a professional internship…

“So we decided to postpone to 2023. But it’s another year of waiting,” complain the two friends with one voice.

The complicity between the two Quentins is obvious. Each of them completes and extends the sentences of the other, with the evidence of a duo that has known each other for a long time.

It must be said that, from the height of their 19 years, Quentin and Quentin have been friends for… sixteen years. “Since we met at school, in kindergarten, they have fun. It immediately worked between us. »

The idea germinated in 2000

So when, in 2020, a work colleague of his mother speaks to Quentin Clermont about this 4L rally in the Moroccan desert, the young Yaucourtois very quickly turns to his lifelong friend.

“There were other ideas mentioned, but I couldn’t see myself leaving with anyone else”, testifies Quentin C. As for Quentin G, he didn’t hesitate long before launching himself into the adventure.

Very quickly, they unearthed a second-hand 4L, which had already taken part in the Moroccan raid with another crew, and which they overhauled from top to bottom.

The two Quentins have the necessary technical skills, thanks to their school career. The Aillacois, who is destined for industrial maintenance, is in electrical engineering BTS in Amiens. The Yaucourtois, he is in BTS MCI (internal combustion engine) in Rouen, to become a competition mechanic.

A season as a race mechanic

Suffice to say that he is in his element on the mechanical side. The 4L Trophy will not be his first immersive experience: last season, he already acted as a race mechanic throughout the French Promosport Cup, for the “AK” motorcycle club in Dreux.

“The first time I found myself alone in the paddock, I was not proud, admits Quentin Clermont. But it was a great experience. That’s what I want to do. »

In the family home of Yaucourt-Bussus, his parents see this passion in a good light.

The parents at the start too

The idea of ​​seeing his son leave for the tracks of the Moroccan desert gave them ideas…

“We bought and fitted out a van to be able to follow them to Morocco”, testifies the mother, Sandra.

The father, Michel, is certainly passionate about motorcycles, but the couple has never taken part in such an adventure. Until now…

The disappointment of January over, the two Quentins quickly decided to sign up for another raid, so as not to wait a year before experiencing the great thrill.

It will therefore be at the beginning of August on the small roads and paths of the Alps, for the “4 Alpes”, an orientation raid open to all audiences, and not only to the youngest.

A family adventure

All audiences? The detail did not go unnoticed in Yaucourt-Bussus. No sooner had the two friends made their decision than Quentin Clermont’s parents followed suit.

“We registered before them,” smiles Sandra. And this time, we will not be there as mere spectators. »

Take part in a motor sports event, drive on roads that are usually inaccessible, bivouac every evening…

The experience promises to be unprecedented for the Samarians. “It’s nice to be able to share that,” smile the Clermonts, mother and son.

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