Rune Factory 5 (Nintendo Switch) – The Preview

The danger calls us to the hollow of a green forest, by the distress of a lonely little girl. While we have just chosen the sex of our hero or heroine for this new great adventure, we are quickly immersed in an epic full of humanity, magic and fraternity. Developed and published by Marvelous, we had the opportunity to take part in this new runic odyssey for two hours, a period of time that seemed very short to us… so intoxicating and soothing was the discovery. Come on, let’s tell you!

We choose to be a heroine, while nevertheless keeping the official name: Alice. We rescue the damsel in distress and here we are happily embarked in her village not far from there, Rigbarth, anxious to meet all her (multiple) friends and family. While our Alice experiences an annoying loss of memory and is gripped by doubts, she nevertheless lends herself to the game of being a good friend full of devotion and compassion for her new companions. Ask her what you like, she is there to serve you… Thus begins the new adventure of Rune Factory 5. Soon, others will not fail to solicit the beautiful Alice, who immediately becomes a full member of the SEED, the security company that protects the city from monsters, the modern day police! The SEED sentry uniform suits him very well.

Multiplying the exchanges with our (many) new companions, we gradually discover the personalities of each one, while the translation proves to be of high quality and particularly pleasant, punctuated by a few vocal speeches by the various protagonists. The video sequences are numerous, according to the meetings in particular. The characters then unfold in short sequences like animated extracts full of color and not devoid of charm. These sequences of chatter are numerous and redundant, they are an integral part of the adventure. It is in fact essential to take pleasure in discovering these reading phases… don’t worry, the texts are available in French! The voices can be Japanese or English as for them. Enough to satisfy many players…

Enough talk of the talk inherent in this adventure, it’s time to get into the action, with zen all the same! Like its predecessors, Rune Factory 5 in turn deploys a part dedicated to agriculture that will be important to master. No difficulty to report during the first hours of play at least. The basic tools are usual, with traditional uses: the hoe will make it possible to prepare the ground by small squares, the seeds will then be laid out, before being watered daily, in order to be collected once they have reached maturity. Your crops can then be stored, eaten, used for recipes, offered, or simply sold. A classic of the genre. We have sometimes worked the small piece of land next to that of our wishes, but a certain grip should quickly resolve this slight inconvenience.

We did not have time to test each of the possibilities of the soft… but our various exchanges in town mentioned the making of furniture, cooking recipes… leaving us curious to know more…! On the other hand, we trained on a small angling session: a few small fish got lost in our bait, and it was a proud Alice who came back to town, her bag full but nevertheless subject to some questionable scents!

Our short discovery of the game gave us a short getaway outside the city to learn about combat techniques: our first dungeon! Getting started was quite quick and quite efficient. The fights take place in real time, with blows struck at the very hollow of the scoundrels who stand before us. Locking targets will allow novices to quickly take down enemies, while taking a few quick steps to parry the few blows that may rain down around the player. The life bar of the enemies is visible, and we took pleasure in martyring each of the critters that we crossed. Gain of experience and many objects are of course at the rendezvous, as well as the approval of experience points for all activities! The player is thus heavily rewarded regardless of the action taken, like a small child who needs to be encouraged… surprising but not unpleasant!

The magic will be there but we haven’t really had the opportunity to use it. On the other hand, two gauges overlook our game screen: the life bar but also a PR bar (understand runic points). These will be needed for various tasks, such as the deployment of our runic abilities, but also other more traditional tasks such as working the land. It will therefore be necessary to keep an eye on this second gauge so as not to get sick!

Slightly more heated fights will also be part of the game, we met the first boss, who was quickly ousted. The most timid players will also be happy to learn that it is possible to choose their level of difficulty: easy, normal or difficult. Something to satisfy everyone!

The day is structured in a very calibrated way, although the player remains generally free in his actions. It is necessary to take care of your land, to complete some missions in order to satisfy the local population, while keeping an eye on your next objectives (constructions, dungeons, etc.). This eye will not fail to underline some very pretty details in the realization of the characters but also of the interior of the various buildings and other places of trade. A visual quality superior to that which will have to be satisfied with wanderings in the city, where the textures are much less detailed, even somewhat runny. The course will nevertheless be punctuated by quality music and numerous sound effects in order to perfect the immersion in the soft. We have seen some slowdowns on several occasions… these drawbacks nevertheless remain to be qualified: the developers are still fine-tuning their new baby and could well surprise us.

The fact is that it was very difficult to leave this adventure (“Oh, it’s already over there?!”). What will happen next? We can’t wait to find out and hope to be able to reveal the rest of Alice’s wanderings in an upcoming test on NT!

Hurry… again!

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