the GR20 running!

the next July 20 will take place in Corsica second edition of Terre des Dieux® ; the only race 170 kilometers
to be held on the island of beauty, but also the only trail whose course resumes at more than 95% the route of the mythical GR20 !


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The only “100 miles” of Corsica

Terre des Dieux® is above all a 170 kilometer long adventure. Don’t look, there is no no equivalent distance throughout Corsica ! And when we know the roughness of the trails of the island of beauty, the authenticity of the Corsican mountains, we know that taking part in Terre des Dieux® is not simply taking the start of a trail race, but of a unique adventure. “Terre des Dieux® is above all a route that offers the opportunity to discover the diversity of Corsican landscapes, explains Marylou Valery, president of the Mantinum association, organizer of the event. The ground is essentially mineral but not only! We discover lawns at Lake Nino, we can run with horses on the plateau of Coscione. The distance of 170 kilometers and the harshness of our terrain make it a unique adventure in the world. Of those that we are looking for to confront ourselves with ourselves! »

A unique GR20 experience!

Another exclusivity of Terre des Dieux®: it is the only race capable of making you discover almost all of the GR20. “On 170 kilometers, only 6 kilometers are outside the GR20, continues Marylou Valery. This is the only possibility for a trail runner to discover almost all of the GR20 in one race, while being supervised and having the possibility of taking advantage of supplies and access to refuges. » Organizing a race on the GR20 was however not easy and it is only thanks to a long work carried out with local institutions
that could have been made possible. “Other organizers have already tried to propose a race on the GR20, but they have never consulted the local actors”, specifies Frédéric Raffaelli, member of the steering committee and of the GR Corsica Event. As an association that wishes to promote the Corsican heritage, it was inconceivable to propose such an event without the help of institutions and mountain professionals. The Regional Natural Park of Corsica was pleasantly surprised by our approach because it is the first time that someone has come to see them to discuss a sporting event on the GR20, not asking for money but rather real support and advice on the project. »


Grégoire Curmer and Jules-Henri Gabioud: champions at the start!

Attracted by the promise of a unique adventure, Grégoire Curmer, winner of the Diagonale des Fous in 2019, and Jules-Henri Gabioud winner of the Tor des Géants in 2011 and, more recently, the last Glacier Tor, have decided to take part in Terre des Dieux® in 2022. “There aren’t many places on the planet where you can discover almost all of a GR like that,” says Grégoire Curmer. And there it is the GR20 which is for me the most beautiful GR in the world! I know the route well to have a special history with Corsica; I came there every year with my parents and I even lived there. For me, the distance, the difficulty of the terrain, the history of the Corsican trails, all this makes Terre des Dieux® an incredible race that could become one of the most beautiful races in the world! »

It’s a crazy thing to have the chance to run on this course, insists Jules-Henri Gabioud. The race really borrows the GR20 which is certainly one of the most difficult trek routes in Europe. It will not only be the distance to take into account, it is
a real physical challenge this race and that’s what I love. We will discover something mythical and live a real challenge. And to know that Grégoire will be there, that motivates me even more! »

“Making Corsica shine”

Created in 2014, the Mantinum association has the slogan ” Born to share “. “We created this association to promote the heritage of Bastia through sporting and cultural events”, explains Marylou Valery. We first imagined a race in the heart of Bastia, before proposing the crossing of Cap Corse “A Serra di u Capicorsu”, and, since last year, Terre des Dieux®. We have worked closely with institutions such as the Corsican community, the Corsica Regional Natural Park, the Corsican Mountaineering League, the French Hiking Federation, etc., to offer an authentic event, representing the diversity of the Corsican mountains along the mythical GR20. We have today, I think, imagined a unique race that will attract all runners wishing to confront themselves on a course that cannot be found anywhere else. We want make Corsica shine on the whole planet while maintaining the values ​​that are dear to us. »

real values

Terre des Dieux® is above all:

Authenticity : with a path starting at pRead more than 95% of the route of the mythical GR20, on more than 99% trails (less than 5 roads crossed).

An adventure : 170 kilometres, 100% in the mountains, on “rustic” mineral and technical paths.

Eco-responsibility : GR-type natural markup, 0 plastic (no bottle but spring water filtered on site), short circuit in catering and refueling with professionals from the Corsican mountains, no rotation in helicopter except in a medical emergency, sorting on supplies, waste bag mandatory for runners, green brigade present on sensitive sites, etc.

A security : rider limit set at 500, gps beacon loaned to all runners with emergency button, pacer allowed for the last 50 kilometers to pave the way, large medical team with personnel trained in mountain emergency response.

Registrations and cancellation

Registrations are possible until mid-June. In view of the particular period we are going through, the organization will make possible the postponement of the bib to the following year in the event of cancellation for health reasons. Reimbursements will be studied on a case-by-case basis, and the association will return to the runners all the costs not incurred at the time of the announcement of the cancellation.

Terre des Dieux® in numbers

170 : the distance in kilometers from Terre des Dieux® 2022.

11,000 : the elevation gain, in meters, of the race.

163 : the number of kilometers traveled on the mythical GR20.

143 : the number of runners to have taken the start in 2021.

500 : the maximum number of runners authorized on Terre des Dieux® in 2022.

2452 : altitude in meters of the highest point of the race, Bocca Crucetta.

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