An arctic fox ventures into Matagami: “It’s an attraction! »

An arctic fox sitting in the snow near a business.

The arctic fox has been to the same location a few times near downtown Matagami.PHOTO: Courtesy of Josianne Carrier Photography

An arctic fox is a big talk in Matagami these days.

The presence of this animal is rather rare in this sector. André Carrier saw him for the first time near his work on Industrial Boulevard last week.

It was a few kilometers from the city center. I was working outside when I saw the little white ball appear. I was really surprised because I have never seen this herehe describes.

The animal allowed itself to be approached a few meters away, so that André Carrier called his photographer daughter so that she could take some shots.

The arctic fox sits in the snow and looks in the direction of the photogropahe.

The arctic fox remained motionless for a few minutes, giving Josianne Carrier time to capture all its beauty.

Courtesy Photography Josianne Carrier

I don’t know if he’ll still be here this week, but it’s an attractionsays André Carrier.

For Guillaume Szor, biologist at the Direction de la gestion de la faune du Nord-du-Québec, it is indeed an arctic fox.

Described as a opportunistic predatorit may have ventured further south to feed.

As its name suggests, it is a species that is usually found in more arctic regions, says the biologist. It is mainly found in Nunavut. In Quebec, we also have it in Nunavik, but usually we find it like that inland north of the 55th parallel. If not in Baie-James, it will descend almost as far as Waskaganish sometimes, but it will remain either on the pack ice or in coastal environments at those latitudes.

The arctic fox sits in the snow.

The animal may have moved to hunt ptarmigan, a type of partridge.

Courtesy Photography Josianne Carrier

Reports of arctic foxes are not frequent according to the biologist.

Guillaume Szor asks the population not to feed him.

We don’t want to encourage him to stay here. We want this fox to be able to return home. It is by simply relying on the food resources that are available in its environment that it will at some point want to return to the North.he says.

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