The Princes 5: Marwa and Anthony Alcaraz finally as a couple? This is how the adventure ends for them

The Princes and Princesses of Love 5

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While season 5 of the Princes and Princesses of Love has just been deprogrammed by W9, here is how the adventure ends for Anthony and Marwa!

Last week, W9 made a final decision. Indeed, the channel has decided to deprogram the Princes and Princesses of Love 5. The reason ? The program recorded catastrophic audiences. While waiting for the broadcast of the new season of Marseillesviewers will be able to find an episode of Un Almost Perfect Dinner. And if the candidates’ adventure continues on 6Play and on Salto, it’s not easy for everyone to be able to update so quickly. Especially since many stories have been left hanging. But then, how does the adventure end for Anthony Alcaraz and Marwa?

After the departure of Ilona, ​​the prince’s new suitor who will have made an express round trip, the agency has decided to summon Marva and Anthony. And it is Magali Berdah who is responsible for taking stock of their history. In his eyes, the pretty brunette was extremely sincere throughout the adventure. She gave so much that she ended up losing control. Indeed, the day before, Marwa threw stones at Ilona when she saw Anthony approaching her. Magali therefore believes that it is time for her to leave in order to breathe a little and find herself. The prince of love must therefore make a decision: follow her or go alone.

Anthony Alcaraz leaves the adventure alone to reconnect with his ex

And he hesitates a lot. Back at the villa, he takes the time to bring everyone together to reveal his decision to them.. Although he greatly appreciates Marwa and that he had a wonderful adventure alongside all the candidates, Anthony admits that he still thinks a lot about his ex and that he can’t move forward with someone else because he still has feelings for her. Magali has also contacted him and he will therefore return to the United States to see if something is still possible between them. Marwa is very disappointed because she knew it for a long time and she would have preferred that he realized it sooner. The two candidates are therefore not together at the moment!

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