Beijing Express, in the land of the golden eagle: A duo narrowly escapes an accident, the shock video

Beijing Express, in the land of the golden eagle

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A Beijing Express pair, in the land of the golden eagle, narrowly escapes an accident. A shocking video reveals everything!

Only a few more hours to wait! The fifteenth season of Beijing Express arrives on M6 from this Thursday, February 10, 2022. This year, the race will take place in the following countries: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Jordan and finally the United Arab Emirates. Eight pairs embarked on this adventure with a common desire: to be amazed by the different landscapes but also to do everything to win the competition. Among the duets of this new edition, viewers will discover Sylvie and Alex, a couple of lovers who bicker a lot as revealed M6 on the official Instagram account of its adventure program. “Not living together is their first big adventure. Being side by side in a competition like this can make the situation explosive” wrote the channel in the caption of a post featuring them.

Speaking of this pair, know that they narrowly escaped a car accident. As you can see with the video above, while Sylvie and Alex were delighted to be the first to have found a car which, in addition, takes them to Bishkek, the city where the route ends for this day, they quickly went crazy. Indeed, the two lovebirds had to face an unexpected event. “There are no more brake pads. I’m still freaking out a bit here” the landscaper told his girlfriend before explaining “There is a noise at the rear, I don’t know if it’s the brakes, the discs, or what, but it rolls on scrap metal. (…)”. Subsequently, the car made a huge noise, which greatly frightened the pair of lovers and forced the driver to pull over to the side of the road. “We died!” exclaimed Sylvie while Alex said: “We lost the wheel”.

Alex and Sylvie narrowly escape an accident

Once the vehicle is parked on the side, the duo realizes with the driver and his family that in reality, the tire has exploded. Phew, more fear than harm! Despite strong jolts, no one was injured and Alex was even able to help the driver change wheels. So this is a very nice gesture that has already been welcomed by many Internet users on social networks. This event, which will be broadcast in the first episode of Beijing Express, in the land of the golden eagleis reminiscent of the serious car accident of Aurore and Jonathan in the previous season named: The route of the 50 volcanoes. As a reminder, the car in which this pair was in collided with another vehicle. This shock was so violent that the young woman was injured in the head and the driver of the car who ran into them unfortunately died. A drama that had upset the course of their adventure!

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